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Thrill Ride 04-21-2013 07:37 PM

Teaching A Horse To Stand Tied?
I have a almost 15 year old Thoroughbred mare who I believe was never taught to be tied to something. We have had her for almost 3 years and we have tried teaching her but nothing is working.

This year she is going to be my show horse, so it would be nice if I could tie her to a trailer and not have her flip out.

She was never raced, but did have some racehorse training. All I know is she was sold to a racehorse trainer as a yearling and he sold her as a 3 or 4 year old to an old couple, they had her for over 8 years and only rode her once or twice, then we got her.

When I saddle her or brush her I just throw the lead over the rail and she usually just stands there. If she tries pulling it, I will pick it up quick and make her move her feet. Then she won't try it again. Or I will throw it over and then have it hanging on the ground so if she starts moving I can step on it and when she feels the pressure she stops and stands still.

But if you tie it, she will fight it until it breaks. You can tie her in the stock trailer or the stall and she is fine. She has broke a halter in 3 different places from her freaking out, she broke a rope because she literally sat down and kept pressure on it until it snapped, and she had broke several other halters and leads.

Any ideas? The method of just letting her pull and pull isn't working because she will jerk back or sit down and break it. She is a big 16hh, built like a tank Thoroughbred.

Thanks :)

beau159 04-21-2013 08:21 PM

Have you tried a tie blocker ring?

When she pulls back, it will feed some of the rope through. Some horses stop pulling, if they don't have anything to pull against.

If she were my horse, she'd be tied all day until she learned to accept it. Might take a super long time since she's been able to get away with it for 15 years.

CowboyBob 04-21-2013 08:45 PM

If she were my horse, she'd be tied all day until she learned to accept it. Might take a super long time since she's been able to get away with it for 15 years.[/QUOTE]

I only have a few ideas, one like Beau said, I would tie her to something that will not break and I would tie it "short" and let her stand all day everyday. I had a horse someone asked me to help them with very much like your horse. I told them what I would do and that doing it this way you either break the horse and it stops pulling or you break the horse.

I have tryed teaching them to move forward to release but either I have not worked on it enough or it doesn't work I haven't had much luck with this methid. But it make since to me that is should.:?

The only other thing I would try is hobble breaking. It might help, if not if she is brook to hobble she can be hobble rather then tied. I would not recommend just anyone try hobble breaking, I have my way of doing it but I would say you need to talk to a trainer about hobbles and have them work with you and your horse if that is the way you go.

What kind of halters are you using?

The ones with the cheek snap are crap.
I like rope halters with no hardware. don't go cheap with a halter spend the money and get a good one.
I also sometimes run a rope through the halter and tie it around the horses neck right behind the ears (you need to know how to tie a bowline knot) you know the more I talk about this the more I would say you really might need to talk to someone that can be there with you as you work through this.
You can really easily mess up your horse you can get hart or you horse could. Talk to a trainer. Good luck. To everyone else that read this, this is why it is SO importent to teach your horse to stand tied. Its a need for every horse.

Tnavas 04-21-2013 09:20 PM

The good old bum rope! The knot at the withers is a bowline.

CowboyBob 04-21-2013 09:48 PM

is the horse tied with two ropes one to the halter and the butt rope? I can't tell.

greentree 04-21-2013 09:54 PM

I would tie the horse to an inner tube above its head. We do this in a tree, but you could do it in a stall, if there is something high enough. Use an old car or tractor inner tube. A bike one is not heavy enough.

Tnavas 04-21-2013 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by CowboyBob (Post 2304505)
is the horse tied with two ropes one to the halter and the butt rope? I can't tell.

Yes he is the lead rope is just slightly longer than the bum rope as the idea is not to let the horse start pulling at the headcollar which puts a lot of pressure on the poll and can cause poll injuries.

Should the horse pull back the bum rope presses on the bum and sends the majority of horses straight forward again so stopping the cycle.

I teach all mine to tie up with a bum rope.

Chevaux 04-21-2013 10:16 PM

My first horse was a bear about being tied - she was queen of the freak out and would pull so hard she could shake the trailer and she would not give up until something broke (many the time I was afraid it might be her). My solution, after some experimentation, that worked for her was: 1) I spent quite a bit of time standing in one place with her; the purpose was to get her used to idea of remaining relatively still and to feel pressure on the halter (when I drew her back into position) that released as soon as she was in position. 2) I tied her high - similar to the picture that Tnavas posted; the purpose was to remove any leverage advantage of being able to brace and set her body weight against the knot which she would do if she could. 2) I tied long - the length was such that she could lower her head to chest level but not touch the ground (I know this can and does cause a freak out amongst the humans who like to tie short); the purpose was to eliminate or reduce the claustrophobic feelings which she seemed to possess in abundance. I can remember well going to a show with her that first time where she stood like a pro (and that was worth much more than the ribbon she got).

P.S. A quick release knot and a ton of patience are your friends here. Good luck.

Thrill Ride 04-21-2013 10:17 PM

Beau- Someone did recommend I try that. They are just rare to find around here, and if you do find one they are terribly expensive. But I will deffo try and look into one.

Cowboybob- Thanks :) We tried tying her and making her stand there, but she would just sit down and break the halter or lead. We went through a few halters one day trying to do that. Out of all our horses she is the best with pressure. She is one of the best horses to lead, train, ride because the lightest pressure and she steps forward, except with tying. We have used many different kinds of halters from rope, nylong with and without a side snap. A trainer I know also had a Thoroughbred mare who didn't like to stand tied but then one day the horse pulled in a certain way where it was choking it and after that the horse was ok to tie.

Tnavas- That looks really cool. Butt ropes are really nice to use.

I'm open to any ideas, the main one people are probably going to say is just make her stand tied. Well thats kind of impossible because she will either just randomly jerk back and break it, or she will sit down until it breaks. But honestly, open to any ideas.

Saddlebag 04-21-2013 10:26 PM

Bob, that's one long rope that goes thro the halter ring and the trailer. Thrill, why do you need to tie her to the trailer. Can you not rent a stall or put her back in the trailer? I didn't like to leave my horse tied, I stayed with it as I was all it knew at the showgrounds and I did my best to keep it comfortable.

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