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muumi 04-22-2013 05:17 AM

Wish you were here... (Muumi's wistful longings)
So now that I have moved across country, and my darlings are left behind at my 'ex' home, my 'new' home feels very empty without them. I'm now living in the gorgeous city of Cape Town, which is a lovely experience, but the closest I'm getting to furry is my neighbour's off-ish cat, and the fat seals napping in the harbour.

I have decided to start a Picture and Lamentation journal, to make myself feel better, until I can finally be re-united with them. Which I hope is soooon! (But realistically, 'soooon' is not going to be that soon.)

So please join me, look at pictures of my lovelies; comfort me; tell me about that time you were separated from your true loves for that really long time, and you survived, against all expectations.

Thanks friends.

So, an introduction to my brood, in no particular order... (these are all old pictures since I cannot take any new ones, until I go back for a visit ...but when!? :-()

1. Rupert rocks a flyfringe that is too big. It is a size x-small... he is a size smaller than 'x-small' but bigger than 'foal'.

2. The best view of the world is between Sophie's awkwardly long ears. She is looking left and right before crossing the road, because she has Streetsmartz.

3. Bella practicing her Mare-Glare... She has since gotten much better at it than this.

4. Twiggy showing me some magic trick she can do with a flyfringe and a swish of the tail. This girl is now recovering from OCD surgery in both hind hocks.... and I can't even be there to love her back to health! It went very well by the way, and I'm told she may be able to go off box-rest this week. Which is good because she must be crazy-bored.

5. Moomin my pet peeg!!!! I miss this girl so much. I love this picture of the two of us, taken when she was very tiny (she is a beeg peeg now)


6. and 7. Dexter the dog, and Truffle the 'uzzer peeg'. Moomin is the fattie just chilling in the back there.

That's them. Memorize the names, I will test you on them laters.
Just kidding. But aren't they beautiful?

clairegillies 04-22-2013 05:46 AM

aw, they are lovely, what a shame you are having to miss them..
thanks for sharing your lovely photo's.


muumi 04-23-2013 08:51 AM

My favourite new music video... Directed by Bob Harlow.
Featuring The Fletcher Street Riding Club from Philadelphia.

Fletcher Street Urban Riding Club

clairegillies 04-24-2013 03:31 AM

that is interesting, how they are trying to work in the community using horses.. I like the horse basket ball but I hope that otherwise they were just showing off for the camera as some of the horsemanship was shocking...

muumi 04-24-2013 06:07 AM


Originally Posted by clairegillies (Post 2328681)
that is interesting, how they are trying to work in the community using horses.. I like the horse basket ball but I hope that otherwise they were just showing off for the camera as some of the horsemanship was shocking...

Yes, it is a music video... a cinematic work, rather than a documentary or show of horsemanship, and should be viewed as that. Cinematically it is a wonderful piece, and an amazing concept; inner city kids riding horses! instead of doing the expected things we see all the time. A beautiful contrast. But also, in terms of the actual riding centre... I cannot express how much I think projects such as this should be encouraged, especially with our more at risk youth.

I think this is wonderful work all round. Not always the most 'correct' horsemanhip wise, but how wonderful to watch how much fun these children are having with their ponies, and how much they enjoy them. And yes, I do think they are showing off to the camera, at the director's request. I work in film myself, so perhaps I see things a bit differently and less literal than others, as I have learnt what works in front of a lens, versus what is reality. Anyway, we all started out rubbish riders... these children may well be on their way to being the top competitors of tomorrow! This project gives them at least the chance.

muumi 04-25-2013 09:03 AM

I often find my horse-fixes these days in photography I come across while doing research for work.

Charlotte Dumas' series 'Anima' captures the burial horses of Arlington in Virginia, while they are sleeping. The lighting is phenomenal. I especially love the first three images.

muumi 04-25-2013 11:20 AM

And on a more personal note: a portrait taken by a photographer friend, of my own darling Sophie.

I have to frame this one, and I think I'll put it up where I can see it when I wake up every morning.

muumi 04-28-2013 06:22 AM

I'm at work on a Sunday afternoon... but mostly just waiting on a script, so killing time... and found these on my work computer. I don't really have a lot of my personal pictures on this new machine yet, so when I am working, I miss having all my photo's to sneak a look at throughout the day.

Anyway, these are of Sophie the day she first arrived four years ago. Before I bought her, I hadn't had a horse for many years; my childhood horse, Caramel, had passed away years before that.

I bought Sophie kind of impulsively. There was just something I liked about her, a connection I guess between us, from the moment I went to see her, and she walked up to me. I cannot really describe it... it was just as if our personalities aligned. I've had so many doubts that she was not exactly what I was looking for physically... she's a tiny 15hh Arab and I'm a beanstalk 5'9in, and that perhaps that I just look ridiculous on her... but she is just the most solid little horse from the start, with a good head on her shoulders. Even though I backed and started her, she gave me a lot of confidence, and I honestly cannot remember that there was ever a moment I felt scared or unsure around her. She has been rock solid on trails from the first time we went out, and also showed a lot of jumping talent in our lessons; she never refuses an obstacle, even if she has never seen it before, or its higher/wider than she has jumped before, and she jumps so correctly, naturally, that it is just so effortless for me to ride more correctly too.

I always meant to start competing because everyone around me are competitive jumpers or dressage riders on gorgeous, expensive, tall, horses, which I secretly envied, but with my work its never really been that viable time-wise, so I finally had to come to the realisation that I'm never going to be a competitive rider, nor would I most likely enjoy the pressures of it anyway... so, as Goldenhorse said in her recent thread, the grass really is greener on my side of the fence.

I don't need a fancy gargantuan warmblood anyway, do I? When all I ride for is the love of it.

Sophie is my main girl, and to go out for an afternoon ride, to get away from the city and the stress and the people, she is just perfect.

muumi 04-28-2013 08:31 AM

I absolutely love this! A truly beautiful film.

Kahlil Joseph's Film Meditates on the Origins of an All-Black Rodeo in Oklahoma

muumi 04-28-2013 09:58 AM

I'm still wasting time, about to leave the office, but not quite there yet. So here is my last submission for today (I reckon I can do multiple posts if I want, no one seems to be sharing this with me, haha)

Anyway, personally I feel as if a lot of horse photography, though undeniably beautiful, tends to tread on the side of kitsch, or becomes over 'romantic'. You know... calender photography. (I won't be making any friends on here for having this opinion.... ooooh dear! ha!)

But I love this one, from Vikarus on deviantart:
deviantART Shop Framed Wall Art Prints & Canvas | Photography | Animals, Plants & Nature | Sun in the mane by artist ~Vikarus

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