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PintoPrincess 11-20-2008 02:20 AM

Your first gallop.
Do you remember the first time you galloped? Mine was only recently.

I was hack riding over a couple hectares of mountains in the afternoon (kinda awesome scenery!) and I was cantering along and something scared my horse so he started to gallop for about 10 minutes, it was so awesome XD!

free_sprtd 11-20-2008 02:21 AM

Sounds exciting~! I've never galloped :( kinda scary though....ppl tell me it's hard to hold on. I love cantering.

Connemara93 11-20-2008 02:24 AM

Even though I've been riding for... 11 years or so, I've never actually had the chance to gallop. :-( The main reason is that I only got my first horse a couple of months ago, but none of the riding schools I have been to really had enough room for galloping... I want to try it soon though - hopefully I can trailer my horse out to somewhere and go on a trail ride and learn then!

Your first time sounded exciting!

Bitless 11-20-2008 02:59 AM

Yea my first gallop was actually up a hill, wasnt even on my horse....but was super fun.

ridingismylife2 11-20-2008 04:43 AM

i galloped for the first time on a iceland pony trek :) we raced (the ppl who could ride) and it was sooo fun :) i've galloped a couple times after that on other treks :D

smrobs 11-20-2008 05:28 AM

Boy, listening to you guys makes me thankful that I ride where I do. I have as much room as I could want to ride at any speed. I don't normally gallop while I am riding for fun, but we do work cattle and sometimes when we are penning them we have to run one direction and the stop, turn, and run the other direction. It can be fun and scary at the same time. I have been riding about 24 years (all my life) and I still get scared every now and then. Especially when I take my eyes off the cow long enough to see a cliff in front of us. LOL :) Don't be afraid of the gallop free sprtd, it is not much different than the canter, just faster. It is not very hard to hold on so long as you have a saddle. It can get a little iffy if you are bareback tho.

KateS 11-20-2008 06:26 PM

I cant remember the first time I galloped but I do remember the first time my brother did. I had just got my first horse and it had been at my place for 1 day and my parents made this rule that we werent allowed to take the mare out of the arena. Weell my brothers took her out anyway and the mare took off across the open field and made it about 1/2 a mile before my brother stopped her. He then proceeded to walk back to the yard.
Sorry but I had to share that seeing as how that was the one and only time he has ever been on a horse.
But I must say that if there was no such gait as a gallop, life would be very sad ;)

Britt 11-20-2008 09:31 PM

My first gallop was on my uncle's horse (he's retired now and lives wih my cousin who dotes on him hand and foot).

I was just getting used to really riding... I had only ever walked before this time, and I was riding with my friend (who was riding my uncles other horse). It was almost dark and we were talking while riding side-by-side on the road.

Keep in mind that the gelding I was riding was a... near 17 year old Arabian who ACTED like a five year old and was pretty high-strung at the time... and the mare my friend was riding was a... 16-ish Racking Horse who had a major bucking habit...

Anyway, my friend and I didn't know it, but another of our friends was coming up behind us on the road FAST with her four-wheeler (and, unlickily for me, the gelding I was riding loved to chase motorcycles, four-wheelers, and three-wheelers...)... She passed right between my friend and I without slowing down and the next thing I knew, the gelding I was riding took off at a dead gallop after the four-wheeler. The mare my friend was riding took off a second later at a dead gallop trying to catch up with us.

No matter what my friend and I did, we couldn't get the horses to stop. They literally were running away with us! It was scary at first... the horses took off at a very curvy hill called ''Dead Man's Curve'' (named so because a guy had a car wreck and was killed driving through there) that dropped off real bad on one side. The horses ran at a full tilt gallop all the way back to my uncles house, which was about a mile.

By the time they stopped at my uncles house, my friend and I were urging them on instead of trying to stop them.

It was SOOO fun once the initial fear was gone!

Ever since then, I've galloped at least once (most times more than once) every single time I go riding, which is about twice to five times weekly (I try to ride that much, anyway)...

clover 11-21-2008 09:53 AM

I remember my first gallop. I guess it made a real impression on me. It was probably about 17 years ago. I was about 12 or 13 yrs old. We went on a trail ride for one of our lessons. We got to a big field and my riding instructor asked if we were ready to run. We galloped down this field, not very far but I remember that I must have had a huge smile on my face when we stopped because she asked if that was fun. I am sure that old Co (the lesson horse I was riding) probably never got past a hand gallop but it seemed to me like we were flying!

brittany 11-21-2008 10:25 AM

My first gallop!!!!
My first gallop was on my green broke Thoroughbred gelding in a roundpen; while we were ridin' around in circles, he got excited and galloped a stride :)
.......if that one didn't count, then one day I was riding my unbroke Paint pony stallion that had just gotten gelded like a week before around the roundpen with a saddle on and my mom leading him with a lead rope and a halter. I told my mom to take him out and walk him around the farm so she did...then I told her to let go and attach a lead rope on both sides of the halter so I could ride him by myself...I walked with him up and down the fenceline where all his buddies were and I didn't notice it but he had been pacing the fence, not listening or paying any attention to me at all. then I got him to trot a few times down the fenceline....about the third time I asked him to do it, which I planned on that time being my last so I could end on a good note, he took off at a gallop and started leaning forward gettin' ready to trip, so not having any experience with galloping except for that one time with my Thoroughbred, I leaned forward and I fell over his head and slid off the right side of his shoulder, then he stepped on my arm with all of his body weight. After that he went running down the fence line while his saddle slipped and was hangin' under his stomach and he was buckin' and tryin' to get it off and tryin' to find a way to get back in the field with his buddies all at the same time, so he decided he was going to just go right through the electric fence, when he did, he just fell on his side and laid there...we thought he was dead but then we took his saddle and halter off and he got up and ran after his buddies and he was perfectly fine :) not even a scratch

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