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cupcakequeen 04-22-2013 08:28 PM

What color is my horse?
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On his bill of sale it said chocolate palomino but I know he is far from it. Was just always curious what I should call him.

DraftyAiresMum 04-22-2013 08:32 PM

Difficult to tell without a full body pic, but just from that shot, I'd say chestnut with flaxen and sooty.

Do you know color his parents were?
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cupcakequeen 04-22-2013 08:47 PM

Found a few more pics
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His parents are unknown as he was a rescue.

Peppy Barrel Racing 04-22-2013 08:57 PM

sooty flaxen chestnut

DraftyAiresMum 04-22-2013 09:03 PM


Originally Posted by Peppy Barrel Racing (Post 2313865)
sooty flaxen chestnut

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MacabreMikolaj 04-23-2013 12:10 AM

Nevermind, didn't see the first pic, I'm dumb.

lilruffian 04-24-2013 10:51 AM

I agree with the others. No palomino, just sorrel with flaxen and sooty to make it look that dirty color

Nokotaheaven 04-24-2013 03:40 PM

What about silver???

texasgal 04-24-2013 04:16 PM



verona1016 04-24-2013 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Nokotaheaven (Post 2333433)
What about silver???

You can tell he's definitely red based because of how his legs lighten at the bottom and silver doesn't show up on a red base.

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