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hrsrdr 11-20-2008 06:45 PM

Which do you prefer: Deep-seat, half-deep (CS) or flat?
Hello! I am looking to get a new saddle for my horse, and am pondering on the apropriate seat depth. I am a thin, long-legged rider (long-thighed, actually lol) and will be eventing (so I need to be able to comfortably do all 3 stages). I've heard that the deeper seat provides a good deal more security (and usually more comfort :) ), but also that a deep seat is harder to "get out of" to jump, especially cross-country. Usually a flat-seated saddle is close-contact, right? Any comments on those? I'd love to hear feedback from any riders out there!

Just for reference, two saddles I am especially interested in are a lightly used Beval Devon 2000 (a close-contact saddle), and a lightly used Stubben Scandica Nova (a CS, or half-deep seat saddle, also more close-contacted). That's why I ask...I'm wondering which will provide the more exact amount of security and balance for me. ;-)

appylover31803 11-20-2008 09:06 PM

They do make cross country and eventing saddles.

I'm going to be getting this saddle.
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It has a slightly deeper seat than a CC, but it's not hard to get your butt out of the saddle.
JustDressageIt, has this saddle so she can tell you more about it. But she recommended it to me, and i'm getting it :)

Sorry I wasn't too helpful :(

3days3ways 11-20-2008 09:31 PM

if you're only using one saddle, go for the all purpose/ half-deep saddles. deep seat would be beneficial for dressage, but for x-c and stadium a lighter saddle with a more forward cut would be more beneficial, especially with keeping your balance when you're two pointing on the xc course. if you're serious about continuing eventing, eventually you might want to think about investing in a saddle for dressage and a saddle for jumping, but one saddle should be sufficient up to training level.

ditzydoo 11-23-2008 12:02 AM

i like the the flat seat as it is easy to do two point in for the sj and xc but its not the best for dressage but i tend to change from a flat seat (i just have a wintec 500) two a dressage saddle for dressage and it works well i just use a wintec isabell which has a very deep seat and seems to hold me in place and is very good if you dont want to fall off a very bouncy horse =]

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