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Moxie 11-21-2008 12:12 AM

Getting Frustrated.... Again..
I was supposed to have a lesson today, but I wasn't all that hyped up on going out and riding in below freezing weather.

My trainer called me today to ask me if I wanted to go with her to look at some horses on Sunday, which is pretty cool.

The conversation turned toward the horse that I have been riding, and working on my trot work with. Apparently she's been acting out, and has kind of gotten cranky. I guess she tried to 'attack' a girl while she was trying to bring her in. This strikes me as odd, because when I rode Milly last, I was able to catch her fine, and she even willingly took the bit.

Poor Milly is like 15, has arthritis in her hind end, and they think her ulcers are coming back. Maria, my trainer said that really the only thing that has changed with her, is my working my trot on her. :cry: My huge bum is killing this horse!!!!!

So, I'm kind of frustrated, and sad because it seems like each horse that I fall in love with gets sold, or now comes up injured. I mean, I loved Fritz, but he started to spazz out... Junior was a doll, and honestly if the ole man said go ahead and buy him, I would have... But he sold shortly after I really started riding him, and now Milly.

I like Milly because she is dead broke, actually she's a pain in the butt to get going, and keep going. She has taught me to be more aggressive, and has helped me work on my trot. However, I feel really bad, seriously sick inside to know that I could have hurt her.

So now, I'll have to switch horses again, and rebuild my confidence again. I'll be riding Bubba. I've ridden him before; his large gaits and crazy skip intimidate me. He's a good boy though. Seth sat on him for a long time at the last fun show we were at, and Bubba was as calm as can be.

Maybe I should break for awhile and find a large horse that I'm not going to break, or kill? I HAVE TO wait a year before I can buy... And even then it'll be a question of money.

Bleh.. I'm sad. I feel bad for Milly.

JustDressageIt 11-21-2008 12:20 AM

Moxie!! Chances are it's not your fault with Millie. There are a million factors that play into a horse's health, including the weather. I know of a lot of horses that have to be worked less in the winter because they get sore - arthritis is a tricky thing.
As for the horse changing - believe me, it's a good thing. I got bounced around from horse to horse when I was a beginner (again, because the older ones are more dead broke, and need some time off once in a while) and I honestly believe it makes you a well-rounded rider. I didn't lease my first horse until 4 years after I started riding, and that didn't last all too long, then I didn't own my own horse until I had 7 years of riding under my belt.
Enjoy the flexibility you have right now.. most of all, enjoy riding. Don't ride if you don't want to; go out to the barn and just be with the horses for an hour or two - nobody says you have to ride to enjoy them!!
Have you ever thought about taking up driving? It's a wonderful alternative to riding on those "I don't want to get in the saddle" days; and believe me, we all have those.
*hugs!!* Like I said, enjoy horses now!! Becuase it can become a pain in the butt and a chore if you let it :)

Take care!!

TXHorseLaw 11-21-2008 12:54 PM

Couldn't Agree More ...
I agree -- and if you can get yourself to look at the positive side of the situation -- it's a blessing to be able to ride multiple horses. Every rock-solid trainer/exhibitor will tell you that riding MANY horses is instrumental in making you a better rider/competitor.

I realize that this doesn't address your attachment to this horse. That's natural with us 'horse lovers' but if you can embrace the obstacle as an open door to improving your riding, then maybe the situation will be less daunting and depressing.

Good luck!

Angel_Leaguer 11-21-2008 12:57 PM

*hugs* it isnt your fault. JDI made a great point that weather can have a huge impact with the arthritis, and that switching horses often will greatly improve you riding skills. I have a hip that gets sore on me... really bad in the winters, and I love driving. It inables me to spend time with my horse and plus my cart seats two so I can visit with someone else sometimes. Just hang in there, you will find your dream horse and you two will go off riding into the sunset!!!

farmpony84 11-21-2008 08:00 PM

Mox... a horse can carry half it's weight. You don't way half of what Millie weighs. It sounds to me like she's had issues all along and they probably gave her to you because she is so safe and her being worked is what brought back the issues, not YOU riding her.... Silly girl! I feel bad for the pretty pony but It's not your bum causing her pain. Don't give up riding....

iridehorses 11-21-2008 08:13 PM

Actually a horse should only carry 20% of it's weight. Some breeds can carry up to 30% (the draft breeds, Quarter Horses, to name a few) but, Moxie, unless you were riding a pony it wasn't you that caused the problem.

You would need to do a tremendous amount of riding over a long long time to hurt a horse like you described - it wasn't you - don't give up riding over this.

On another note, the more horses you get to ride the better horseman you will become. A person who only rides one horse may master that one horse but not know what to do with the next one.

Don't give up and ride as many horses as you can.

Moxie 11-21-2008 09:39 PM

Thanks all.

I feel really bad for Milly. Yea, it isn't me that is hurting her, but I'm not helping matters either. I do feel bad for the little girl; although she isn't all that little, she's a hardier QH.

I know that riding different horses is only going to add seasoning to my riding, but it takes me awhile to build up trust and courage. Each time I switch horses, I feel like it knocks me down a notch. Kind of like taking one step forward, and two steps back.

I'm going out to the barn on Sunday, we'll see what they say then. I probably wont be riding Milly anymore, I don't know what they're going to do with her. They down sized their heard of lesson horses from 5-6 to 2, including Milly. I'll be able to ride Bubba, he's not officially a lesson horse, he's my trainers horse that she lets people ride. Like I said earlier, he's intimidating to me.

Come July this wont be an issue. I'll be able to buy my own horse, board and take lessons. I'm not going to give up on riding, I'm just a little discouraged is all.

my2geldings 11-21-2008 11:30 PM

Madame Moxie, stop it. Years ago when I used to ride this semi old, school horse. This mare HATED everyone and I could honestly understand why. This mare would bite, run off, not get caught. When under saddle she would take off as well, go in buck fits to the point where she would turn into a bronco, she would stop at fences, refuse. She did it all. This mare was a one person horse. When I got on her she was the perfect horse, I honestly would clean up in any class I entered. She adored me :D

Horses are EXTREMELY intelligent and they know who they like, and who they don't. If the mare was great with you, it's obvious she likes you and no one else and i find it amusing that she behaved that way with someone else.

As it has been said in previous posts, it's not your weight that's the issue, if it were she would have let you know during your ride. The fact that the mare's changed since you were last with her, only means that something has changed in your absence. Hundreds of things could affect that, from her feed, how long, how much she was turned out, the horses out with her, who has been feeding her, handling her, weather, bugs, her over all health. I mean hundreds of things.

Take this chance you have to ride different horses while you have it because once you buy your first horse my dear that will be it. No more flipping and getting more experience from various horses. When I rode on the young rider circuit, they actually had me on a few different horses and it's honestly the best riding experience I ever got. Back when I was in Europe I was close to the owner and he allowed me to pick whatever horse I wanted every time when out no a trail. He had about 20 different horses, I picked a different one every time. Suck in all you can and try out as many horses as you can!

Learning from horses NEVER stops and let me tell you, my horses remind me of that every day. Can't wait to get back in the saddle-it has been way to long.

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