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poundinghooves 04-23-2013 01:13 PM

Am I Too Big For Welsh Pony?
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I've found a Section A Welsh Pony that I adore. He is 11.3 hh and about 600 lbs. (I measured him and did a formula to determine this.). I am 16 and have always been small. I am 5'-5' 1" and never weigh more than 110- usually more in the 106-108 range. My heels go a bit past his belly. I feel fine on him and people say I look fine. Do you think he is comfortable with my weight? His current rider, an 11 yr. old girl who weighs 105 and is a bit shorter than me, says he does better with more weight- she's had him since he was a yearling and says he's gotten better as she's gotten heavier- but that could just be because he's getting older and more calm (He's only 6.) Opinions? I really like riding ponies and I really want to get this one.

amp23 04-23-2013 01:42 PM

You are definitely not too heavy for him!

I'm sure everyone on here would love to see some pictures though! :)

poundinghooves 04-24-2013 07:44 AM

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I'm so glad to hear someone who doesn't peronally know me, so therefore aren't going to tell me something just because they want it to be that way for me, say that I'm not too heavy. I know the my legs are going to look a little silly on him, but as long as my weight doesn't hurt him and me heels aren't dragging the ground (they're not even close), than him and I should be fine. As for pictures, I will post pics of this cutie when I get him. We have to put up a temporary enclosure so we can control the pasture we allow him and my minis to eat. Then he will be all mine and I am so excited, but anyway, I'm getting off subject, :D.

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