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RedHawk 11-22-2008 10:40 PM

Share some funny stories
Thought it would be fun to exchange some funny stories of our horses, particularly of them interacting with each other. I'll share mine to start off:

Was over at the paddock last night to feed and rug Shea as the weather was quite nasty, cold with rain and hail, and the poor boy only has his thin TB summer coat.:-(
anyway i rugged him and put him out and his good pal, a black ASH, Mickey decided that his rug looked tasty and started chewing on the tail flap.
it was hilarious! :lol: sadly, i didn't have the camera. Shea ignored him at first and Mickey was just standing with this dreamy look on his face going nom nom nom, but then he started yanking on it, lifting his head in the air with the tail flap in his mouth and then yanking it down. this, he decided was a very fun game, much to Shea's disgust, and he would not be dislodged.
i watched them for several minutes but it started to rain so i had to go, leaving Shea trying to run away with Mickey still attached to the back of his rug, haha.

Anybody else got some funny horse stories to share?

Kirsti Arndt 11-22-2008 11:31 PM

One of the boarders where i ride has minis-Gracie and Sassy- i posted pics of them last summer=Mom and Daughter, they are so darling. They are in a separate barn from the big guys very cozy little place, last week the owner let them out to stroll around while she cleaned stalls and fed the barn cats-there was a big empty grain bag in the trash can-Sassy knocked the lid off-grabbed the bag and upended it over her own head to get the last little bites-freaked her out and the owner tore it off her head, stuffed it back in the can and went back to the stall/ Sassy went back and yup-got the bag out and stuffed her head in it again, walked around like a crazy thing then put her head down-pulled it off with her own hoof and then did it again back on her head it went. dangerous without supervison-BUT absolutely hilarious=bag on== bag off, we just stood there laughing and i am pretty sure that is why she keep doing it. Big purple bag on that tiny head-i cant look at her without laughing now. If i am ever unable to ride or handle a full size horse-minis are in my future.

Phantomcolt18 11-22-2008 11:35 PM

me and my horse were at one of our shows and we were doing an event called the stakes race. we ALWAYS get disqualified but this one time was hilarious. As we were running to the second to last pole Phantom had to go around it to the right and i was so excited we were getting it right for once because he was finally on the right lead then he decided nope not gonna do it and stepped in the opposite direction well i slid right out of the saddle and on my butt in the dirt. i looked up and he was staring down at me eyes wide and ears toward me. Then i laughed and said "now why did you have to go and do that?" when i did this he blew into my face and threw his head and pranced around me in a circle. everyone at the show including me was laughing hysterically. i swear he always knows how to make me laugh but the prancing in a circle around me did it my sides were splitting i could barely get myself to stand up it was like he was laughing at(with) me.i have the whole thing on video hahaha sometimes they are so human it's crazy

Kirsti Arndt 11-23-2008 01:20 AM

you have a great attitude!!!!you must post the video, my show?-i was praying to not hit the dirt let alone laugh
very cool!

Phantomcolt18 11-23-2008 11:19 AM

yeah i swear it's like he knows if he makes me laugh everything is okay. and another cool thing is he never leaves my side when i fall. hahaha i'll try to get the video up my computer hasn't been letting me put vids on it lately(mind you its a 4 yr old laptop that had a few encounters with a 2yr old).

moomoo 11-23-2008 11:44 AM

haha! aww bless, Misty has done so many things but here is one of my favourites...
Well, the horses were having a vacation in a field a couple of miles away from the yard and the farrier was due so the farrier went to the field to shoe them. He had taken all of mistys shoes off and was shaping some new ones and he went back to find misty had pooped into his toolbox and all his tools were covered in poop :lol: bless her :-P

and also when she itched her bum on my sisters horses face :roll:

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