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jazzyrider 11-23-2008 07:17 AM

first day of training with my new thoroughbred
heres a vid of of first day doing any 'training' type work. please remember gypsy has very little training and i have only had her for a few weeks. we are working from the beginning starting with ground respect and things like lunging which, unless she is free lunging in an arena she has not idea lol shes is also somewhat questionable under saddle so there seemed no other way other than to return to the beginning and treat her as unbroken.

this isnt meant for critique so please dont critique it. i know what i/her am doing wrong by watching :wink:

p.s. excuse the white mark on her butt. so copped her first 'herd' bite yesterday and shes all covered up with 'white healer'

iridehorses 11-23-2008 08:42 AM

Jazzy - nice job.

(flipflops around horses!!!!!!)

Hrt4Dressage 11-23-2008 02:40 PM

She seems to be getting the concept. :) "questionable under saddle"... hm....
never heard of a tracky being "questionable under saddle"... ;)

appylover31803 11-23-2008 04:06 PM

She's so gorgeous Emily!
Looks like she's getting the hang of it!

Jacksonlover 11-23-2008 08:42 PM

she is BEAUTIFUL! and a really good mover too! congrats on getting her!

jazzyrider 11-23-2008 09:02 PM


Originally Posted by iridehorses (Post 195823)
Jazzy - nice job.

(flipflops around horses!!!!!!)

lol yeah! i dont for a minute condone it but ive worn flip flops around the horses all my life. i find when i wear boots im more careless and end up nearly getting trodden on more. that plus flip flops are our national shoe lol and finally, the weather where i am is horrendously hot and humid and boots rarely work well in that kind of heat. ill put boots on to ride unless im bareback but thats usually it. im 100% australian which means shoes are a hated commodity lol

hrt4dressage - yeah i know weird hey?? an ottb who is questionable under saddle. who would have thought?? :wink:

appy - yeah she picks up really quick. ive been doing other groundwork teaching her to stop when i stop etc etc and she picks everything up so well. which, i have to say makes my job with her much easier. ive made more headway with her in 3 weeks than ive made with jarred in 13 months lol

jackson - thank you :D she does have very nice movement which is why ive decided to head down the dressage road with her. due to her compact frame i was thinking about doing sporting but she is too pretty for that lol

BeauReba 11-23-2008 09:28 PM

You're nuts to be lunging a green horse in flipflops, national footwear or not. That's dangerous and just plain dumb. When changing direction your horse almost ran over your feet!

Even if you are using such a small circle (which I don't agree to) you should use a longer line in case your horse takes off. With such a small end to it you'd lose your grip immediately. Also, you should wear gloves because if your horse takes off you'll get nasty rope burn.

jazzyrider 11-23-2008 10:19 PM

oh my! how rude! please do not call me (or anyone else here for that matter) nuts and/or dumb. thats incredibly rude even if you dont agree with how i do things. ive just rewatched that video 3 times and fail to see where she nearly ran over my feet.

if i was doing things that put my horse in danger or was messing with her then that would be fine but as you say, its me that would get hurt. i dont put myself in dangerous situations and as long as i feel comfortable i will work wearing whatever i want. im not going to wear gloves and helmets to work with my horse on the ground. this doesnt make me nuts its just the way ive always been and ive never been trodden on when im not wearing boots. thats gotta say something. so cowboys can wear hats instead of helmets but i cant wear flip flops instead of boots?

all that aside, i specifically said this is NOT a thread for critiquing nor is it a place to call people names and judge their way of doing things. i personally dont believe in small lunge circles on the whole but at this stage with an ottb its the best way to do it. she isnt the 1st ottb ive worked with and wont be the last and i havent messed any up by short lunging them 1 or 2 times before i add the long lunge line and a full circle. IMO its dangerous to lunge on a long rein during these stages. its too easy for them to pull a bunch of rope away from you and then go nuts stepping on it and freaking out. i have found this way much safer and much quicker in teaching tb's who dont know how to line lunge.

please, no more personal attacks or off topic discussion of this nature.

PoptartShop 11-23-2008 10:26 PM

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She is SO beautiful Em! :D She looks pretty good, & I'm glad she's doing well. & aw, poor girl got bitten. :(

& Beau, you do not need to be so rude. In the beginning of her post, she had said no need for a critique; that was very rude. I think you should give the Conscientious Etiquette Policy a look:
If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
Jazzy didn't ask for a critique to begin with.

jazzyrider 11-23-2008 10:55 PM

yeah poor thing. shes been stabled for years and is still getting her head around herd etiquette lol and shes so inquisitive so she'll go up to a horse who is eating just to say hi and will end up getting chased off. shes getting there though :)

thanks for the support too :)

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