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Bluechi 04-26-2013 12:45 AM

OTTB mare, opinions needed!
Hi, a local rescue has this OTTB for adoption. Would appreciate opinions on her conformation. Video footage available on the first link. Thanks!!

Neighsavers - Upsized

Kims Horse Training | Pippa's Progress - Week 1

Elana 04-26-2013 08:13 AM

The photos are small in the first link and clicking on them did not make them bigger? She looks "ok" with adequate bone but a bit sickle hocked in the photos from the second link.

I watched a little bit of her in the arena and with a better rider she would do MUCH better. That rider is loose in the saddle and banging the horse with her legs and banging the horse's mouth when she posts to the trot. The horse, in response, is poking her nose up and hollowing her back and not moving very nice.

Really cannot say more than that from what I have seen in these photos and video.

TheLastUnicorn 04-27-2013 02:40 PM

I sort of zoomed in on the shot of her conformation, but the video wouldn't play for me :( - what would you be wanting to do with her ?

From what I can see she seems relatively well put together, she is a bit downhill (as many ex racehorses are), her shoulder slope seems quite steep - but she seems to have a long humorus which gives her an open angle, her neckset is quite high, and the neck itself could use some work to shift the musclature a bit, it seems a little on the shorter side. I think her back length is lovely, she does lack a bit of loin girth and her loin looks like it might be a bit long, her LS seems a little further back than we'd like in a riding horse, but it isn't terrible. She appears to have adequate pelvic length, but she might be a bit shallow in angle and possibly a bit post legged. (Now, I did zoom on the photo, so everything is a bit fuzzy so all of this is a "best guess" )

Overall she's a nice looking horse.

bluecharm7 04-29-2013 07:59 PM

I would recommend seeing her in person. How is she in the stall? What is her personality like? What are you planning on using her for? And what size are you compared to the horse? I don't think she is a bad mover, look at, a lot of their horses move choppy like that when coming off the track recently. They grow out of it after being re trained and gaining muscle on their weaker side. If you are very, very tall she might not be tall enough for you. But over all she is cute. She also seems to want to go, given the rider in the video is very unstable and constantly pulling on her mouth.

Bluechi 05-01-2013 11:36 AM

Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I tried to upload pics directly onto this post, but they are too large. Annoying.
As for me, I'm 5'9, so not very, very tall (I think?). I'm working on putting together a solid application, which is required before meeting one of the rescue horses.

Bluechi 05-01-2013 11:45 AM

3 Attachment(s)
I'd use her for trails, arena work (mostly flat, though she is being promoted for H/J), and for low level showing if we get there. Otherwise, just looking for a friendly horse to have fun with.

bluecharm7 05-01-2013 12:03 PM

She does look downhill in the first photo, which could make it more difficult to get her off of her forehand and shift her weight back underneith her. I would look for a taller horse if it was me, I am 5'9" and i ride a 16.3h horse he just fits my leg better. But if she is mainly for trails and she is calm with a group, and alone doesn't spook at anything then I would get her. I would base it off her personality, if she is spooking at her own shadow let alone what she might see on the trail then she isn't the right horse for you. If you are hoping to just do trails some time and want to show her more with her being built downhill she might not be the horse for you either. You have to decide which flaws, and all horses have them, you are willing to over look. My horse has really bad angles in the pasterns but his personality was to good and calm for me to pass him by. I also read her bio, if her knee that had a frature in it is still bothering her and you want to jump, you might not be able to with her. That could be too much strain on her legs, so keep that in mind too.

GotaDunQH 05-01-2013 05:21 PM


Originally Posted by Bluechi (Post 2399794)
I'd use her for trails, arena work (mostly flat, though she is being promoted for H/J), and for low level showing if we get there. Otherwise, just looking for a friendly horse to have fun with.

Agree with much of what Elana said....but it in the last pic, there is something about her hind end that looks off to me. The way her hip ties in at the stifle down through the gaskin and hock.

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