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Zab 11-24-2008 10:49 PM

Crows progress in the training :)
I guess maybe I should post this with the pictures.. but anyway.. some of you know that my horse is away getting trained and educated :P
He has been there for two months now.. and even if you can't see much progress..I could certainly feel it when I rode! :P And it's allowed to take time, as long as the result turns out good.
He has the stepping pace, some other running walk thing and pace pretty strong in him too, which complicates things. Renee doesn't have too much experience with gaited horses, but I still rather see him work him than someone else, since I know her ways.

At first I guess I was a bit disappointed it didn't look better.. buut.. a lot has changed. I noticed that when I sat up on him to ride, it was like a different horse! All this ''go,go,go,go!'' was gone and instead he was thinking and relaxed. He listened better to what I asked of him instead of stressing up and trying to run from it. I felt that there was a big improvement even if it doesn't show much on the pictures, and I feel like he's close to some kind of break through that will make it all show. :P
He also seem to enjoy it more! Before, he felt a bit stressed and just wanted to run, finding it all strange and weird, but now he's more pleased with the situation.
He's still very unbalanced; since he's not allowed to put his balance in front of him and ''run towards it'' he doesn't really know what to do. But that's fine because I can still feel how he moves completely differently under me :P
And the ground was rock hard and not ery good, so we couldn't trot. I'd like to see his trot tho, but oh well.
This was also the first time ever I rode with double reins, I'm so surprised I didn't manage to get myself all tangled up..Renee is surprised too.. xD
Oh well.. here's the pictures..

First my instructor/his trainer rode.
I like this picture. :)
Renee is making a little shoulder in. He's pretty good at that actually.
He's chewing and fibbling with the bit a lot. We don't really know why; he does the same thing on the muserola (bitless) and starts as soon as we put it on, so it's not about pulling the reins too much either. He did it the very first time he had it as well. :/ Hopefully he'll grow out of it.

Well.. then I rode some x)
Haha! Yah.. pull the reins and it all gets nice.. xD he looks like he'll trip!
This is my very first time ever using double reins, I'm impressed and surprised of myself for not getting all tangeled up in them! :P
Ok.. I don't think he looks way too bad here, but there is room for improvement.. xD Like.. what's a low frame? xD But it'll come :)

ohmyitschelle 11-25-2008 03:46 AM

Congrats... as long as you get to feel some difference, then you know that somethings going right :)

I like to think good things take time :)

Zab 11-25-2008 05:38 AM

Thanks! :D
I'm longing to ride him again soon :) And next time we have an indoor arena, so I can see and try some trot. I'll make her work him a bit in hand too..:P

PoptartShop 11-25-2008 06:00 AM

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Yeah, training takes patience & time. :D He is so cute, nice job, keep it up!

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