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alexischristina 04-27-2013 02:02 AM

critique my ugly old mare? (confo and weight).
Ever since we picked her up I've called her our 'ugly duckling'. She constantly looks like she's covered in mud, it just doesn't come out, she's got a bit of a broodmare belly that makes her look like a potbellied pig, and a pink face that looks super eerie, especially at night. She's from surprisingly good Dressagey bloodlines, has produced many stunning babies that have gone on to compete and win, but LOL my vet told me to stop being so mean to her. Anyway!

Heidi is 22, we had a lot of minor health issues with her this year (she went from being an easy keeper to showing her age) and now we're working on putting weight back on her. Her previous owner told us to "wait for spring grass" and I swear it wasn't any of the hay / grain we were pumping into her, the second the spring grass came up she took a turn for the better and looks great :roll:

Anyway, just for fun give me a confo critique on the little monster? And a weight critique, because what do I know. I can feel her ribs if I press down, and she definitely needs condition, but she looks pretty good to me.

I plan on leasing her out this summer, and using her as a lesson pony when I go for my coaching license.

She's a registered POA mare. Note that all breeding was done by her previous owner.

EDIT: How on earth did I put this in the wrong critique section? I'm going to re-post, this can be moved if staff feels it should.

AltaHillsLover 05-27-2013 11:28 AM

She is not that ugly! :) Just clip her and pull her mane and she could look beautiful. She looks like the right weight for a cute little pony! She does have an awkward back, the withers are the only high point and the rest is flat. But if you can you really should clip her. She would be so much more easy to keep clean.

DeliciousD 05-27-2013 11:50 AM

She is lovely, but looks a little bit cushoid. :)

stevenson 05-27-2013 06:25 PM

she has sickle hocks and a weak croup . You should make sure she is getting senior feed. if you lease her, I hope they only use her for walk jog .
she looks like she is sweet girl, even if she is not a beauty queen.

TerciopeladoCaballo 06-07-2013 02:55 PM

Not as ugly as some!

I imagine with conditioning her front end will look nice, but HOLY croup I do believe that she has a roached back.

Her shoulder angles look closed, which indicates some hampering to the forward movement and a choppier gait (anybody who's trotted a few ponies knows that's all too common). But the laid-back shoulder should ease this a bit, however doesn't help her for jumping. Looks like a roomy hock, too, and a bit of good arch to the neck.

The only thing straight is her back xD Her legs seems to scoot under, toward her belly, which is something older horses often develop. I think I'm looking at a pony that can school on the flat, I can't imagine her jumping. At all. I can see the Dressage bits, though. I would guess her top use would be Dressage, and secondary trail or driving. Nothing fast and nothing off the ground ;)

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