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Endiku 04-27-2013 08:48 PM

Jovi the canivorous cow
This guy made me laugh so much today that I just had to share him with you all.

Meet Jovi. He's an approximately 7 month old holstein steer calf, and boy does he have a personality xD

I'm not a huge fan of cows and I don't tend to do anything with them other than help friends with branding/vaccinating time, but this guy is just halarious. We bought him at auction to use him in our therapy program and petting zoo, so he's the first cow I've really socialized with. I thought I'd just share a few of his little quirks with you all.

First off, he thinks its his job to 'help' us clean. It doesn't matter what we're doing, he wants to help. Spreading pine chips in his pen? He'll sneak mouthfulls of it from the wheelbarrow or bag and spew it all over the place, then come back for more. I was so scared he was going to eat the chips but no, he just thinks that if he's going to make a mess, he might as well help me clean it up. After he took the entire bag and went running, leaping, and bucking all over the place with it in his mouth, I finally gave up and let him 'help' me xD

Then the water bucket. In the photo above, he was oh-so kindly helping one of our volunteers scrub his water bucket, by attempting to take her brush and scrub, pick up the water bucket with his mouth and flip it like we do, and use the hose to rinse both the bucket, us, himself, and any other animal in sight! LOL Today he kept trying to take the brush and getting in our way, so we decided to put his helpfulness to a task. We lured him behind the bucket so that he was standing behind it, then propped the bucket against him and he 'held' it for us while we rinsed it out! xD

But he's also very...odd. He, ofcourse, was a bottle, then pan baby- but he has this infatuation with licking and sucking on things O_o bracelets, fence posts, brushes, brooms, you name it. So today I was scratching him and not paying attention, and he grabs ahold of my fingers and starts sucking on them. I immediately started laughing (should have scolded him, bad me!) but didn't try to remove my hand...second mistake. Nex thing I know, I feel him gulping and he has SWALLOWED my hand all the way up to my wrist, and he's still trying to take more of it! Nastiest feeling ever. I ended up just standing there, not sure if I should laugh or cry, trying to decide how to get my hand out without damaging his throat. I ended up slowly edging it out and giving him a firm whack, but GEEZ that was not expected! I don't know if I even should have smacked him or not. Can you reprimind them like with horses? Crazy cow! O_o

needless to say we have a lot of training to do before he's therapy ready. Don't want him trying to swallow anyone else's hand, or a tiny kid's head! LOL

What about you guys? Have you had a pet cow? Has it done anything just plain weird? I want to hear it!

Roperchick 04-27-2013 09:18 PM

Well my two mama cows on our NM farm are just plain murderous. They'll go after anybody if they're in a bad mood...and they love to wrestle each other out in the field.....

Just imagine... 2 1-ton heifers going WWE style...its crazy

Then one of our steers is absolutely OBSESSED with eating electric wires. He ate 4 water heater cords...completely stripped the wires off our tractor ( I was ready to shoot him for that.... we have a 20 year old ford tractor...NOT easy or cheap to fix that). He also loves sucking on pipes, the electric fence, other cows Anything he can get his mouth on.

And ALL my cows absolutely LOVE my mare Josie, and they follow her all around and will stand there and lick her ALL day if given the chance.

I'm not as uh friendly with the beeves on our ranch though...needless to say pretty much all of our charolais are insane and our longhorns are uuh lap dogs lol

Endiku 04-27-2013 09:23 PM

Well I'm glad Jovi isn't the only one with a love to suck, lick, and chew at things. I can't believe your steer ate all of those things!

Makes me wonder if it might be a problem that they get if they're bucket or bottle fet as babies...was your steer bottle fed?

Roperchick 04-27-2013 09:26 PM

Yeah. All three we got were bottle fed, I believe. I'm not 100%, since I wasn't there and my parents took them as a favor for a neighbor haha.

From my experience it is the bottle fed guys though. None of my charolai babies are mouthy.

Endiku 04-27-2013 09:39 PM

Thats very interesting. We had two charolais heifers and a chorolais cross calf that we left on one of them, and it didn't grow up to be mouthy at all either.

We have a jersey calf that has had a hard time with bottle feeding though, and he isn't mouthy at all. He actually really doesn't like people, while Jovi would crawl in your lap if he could! He's going to be a BIG boy though O_o

Lockwood 04-27-2013 09:42 PM

I grew up on a Hereford farm before I hit my teen years.
Friendliest cows.....ever!
Bottle baby or not they love to grab your clothes, hair, brushes, fingers, waterever and if you aren't paying attention they will lick you in the face with their tongue. Ouch too... with the roughness of it. LOL

Most of the time our 4-H steers were not even raised around humans, but by the time the fair rolled around they were amazingly tame. One year mine was so tame I could lay on his back while he napped. (It didn't hurt him as he was 950 pounds and I was only 10)

Yep, I adore cows, Well some breeds of cows anyway.

Delfina 04-28-2013 07:58 PM

I think it just depends on the cow.

We have an Angus/Hereford bottle baby steer and the only way to get anywhere near him is a bucket of grain. His momma died when he was two weeks old so our friends threw him in with their 4H steer and bottle fed him. They did the bare minimum (fed him... maybe petted him a couple times and that's it). He came to my place when he was weaned off a bottle and it was a huge PIA to give him his daily grain. I had to chase the bugger around 40 acres, convince him that I really did have grain and chase off 12 other cows who wanted his grain without getting too close to him or he'd stop eating and run away.

Endiku 04-28-2013 09:19 PM

Well it sounds like we really got lucky with Jovi then, if we can correct the 'must eat hands' thing xD most of the cows that we've had have been fairly docile, but Jaoka, our miniature steer was a mean little guy who would rather horn you with his hornless head than be touched, and none of our charolais heifers were all that friendly either except when we had food. Jovi is a doll though, and while the little Jersey we have isn't the friendliest, I think he'll warm up eventually too.

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