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racheld90 04-28-2013 02:06 PM

Need tips.
So to make a long story short we rescued a Percheron when he was 5 months and i was 12. He was the first horse we ever owned. And yes now at 19 i know he was not the right horse for beginners as he was a baby was not handled. He just turned 7. Has been with 2 trainers who have ended up being dirt bags. First lady was charging alot of money and kept him locked in a stall 24/7 he was their several months. Came back thin,head shy,and covered in scares from being bitten by the others horses when he was put out. We then had another trainer recommend by a friend. All started out well i got too ride him several times and he pulled a sled and loved it! Then we started too see the trainer less and less Riley found himself stalled alot again. We found out we owned the woods next to us so we cleared them out and brought him home last summer. I have been working to get him over his glitches he got from the 2 crazy trainers. I have posted before about him but never told the full story! He halters easy,leads easy,puts his head down when needed and respects my bubble. Now we are working on picking up his feet! Anyone have any tips? Hes big and strong and can tug all i want with no movement lol

toto 04-28-2013 02:59 PM

When i have a horse that tries to jerk their foot away i just keep a hold to it-- if they keep tryin i usually tell them stop. My horse i say her name and shell quit-- i will also poke her with my finger in the rib and tell her to quit. That usually works but the thing you dont wanna do is let them have their foot when they pull it away.. when you give their foot back always make sure its on your terms not theirs.. and practice makes perfect.. the more you do it the better theyll be about it.

tinyliny 04-28-2013 03:23 PM

Pick one thing you want to work on, post about that and see what kind of advice you get. That might work better than having such an open ended start for a thread. Just my 2 cents.

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