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amberly 04-28-2013 02:15 PM

Our little rodeo in our little town. :)
All day yesterday I was managing the barrel gates - in the morning when it was just barrels, and later in the day when it was rodeo time! ;)

Well to start off, standing for 10 hours isn't good on your feet - make sure you sit down while they are raking or racing. LOL! My feet won't forgive me for that!
Managing gates is actually pretty fun! (There is rodeo involved in this too, haha! I wasn't sure where to put this thread because it had a little of both.) Ray (her name for short.) said that I was the best gate person they've had - because I was nice and good with gates or something. But everyone was saying thanks for doing gates and helping out. I'm just like, ok? All I do is walk in and walk out. Not much to it, haha!!

Well, I won't go into detail about the racing - I think we all know how it goes and after a while it gets boring with saying "And then I opened the gate, and she took off running!" haha!

The rodeo was sweet! Since we were helping out with the barrels in between every few events, we got to have the best seats in the house - up close and personal next to the chutes!! The only time it was really scary was when the first chute opened, the one right next to us. There was a bench we stood on and it was literally two feet next to the first chute - it was up close and personal! haha! The first bull came out and oh my gosh, it was bigger than two of the 16hh horses in there!! We had to step off the bench and back way the heck up because that bull ran into the fence we were leaning on! There was dust everywhere and rocks flying up, good thing I had on my sunglasses and cowboy hat - haha! It was a pretty awesome rodeo. One thing with our seats - they were the best because you were right there and nobody was standing up in your face, and it was free - we didn't have to pay for them. I kinda felt bad though because my friend was up in the stands, sorry T!!

One of the bullfighters got hurt - but I don't think it was too bad. He was pullin on the bulls tail because he thought that the rider was tasty or something. But the bull stepped back and his hoof landed on the bullfighter's hoof.I actually don't know exactly what happened, but that was what everyone was saying. But they helped him out and they said that the bullfighter's foot had a torn tendon or something like that. But he was holding it and yelling, so I bet He had a nice rest of the day..... :(

The broncs were bigger than the rope horses. The size of a few of their hooves was the size of a small dinner plate. They were trying to grab the horse on one of the rides and the horse was galloping right along the fence line, then it came up to were we where and decided that that was a good place to ram into the fence at!

Two of the broncs and two of the bulls, when they were bucking, fell on their sides!! One of the riders rode FOUR times that day because both he was riding twice, but both the horses he rode fell on their sides! haha!
Two of the broncs tried to jump out of the chutes, one had a rider on him when he tried too!
It was quite an interesting rodeo!!

Well, I think I'll be done talking about it, haha! I just thought I'd share.
We have The Bull Thing during fair too, and hopefully we will camp out at the fairgrounds next year so we can stay for the whole thing!!
Some mothers don't like to drive home at 10 to 11 o'clock at night, I don't think I would either.

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