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LadyRichards 04-29-2013 11:42 AM

Magic Seat Opinions please
Ok Im sure im going to get a lot of learn how to ride here, but I do ride pretty good except I have never ridden a horse this young and bounch, so someone told me about a magic seat, yes I know there are dangers but there are dangers every time I get on a horse, but Im thinkiing this well help me learn how to stay in my seat better, I hope to get some good opinions on this if you dont know what it is, its a liner that goes on the seat of your saddle then velcro straps go around your leg and you stick to your seat. I do feel if needed I could come out of this thing, but hay you never know, I just dont want to hit the ground at 52 years old and im riding a 3 year old who hasnt got his gait good yet and his trot is very bouncy. And he is quick at take off. Ok guys let me have it.

Thank you

Roadyy 04-29-2013 12:17 PM

I've seen it used with handicapped riders ,but they were on BTDT horses who weren't a rough ride. I don't see how this will help keep your pockets in the saddle. I would suggest practicing sitting back on your pockets more everywhere you sit to help loosen your hip. Get a bicycle seat and a walking cane. Clamp the seat to the ground end of the cane and sit on it while rocking back and forth with your hip. I would do that more so than I would strap my legs to a green horse.

Would it be applicable for you to have 30-90 days training put on the 3 yr old to make it a better/safer ride for you?

lightning 04-29-2013 01:38 PM


I am 47 and have been riding a little over a year now. One thing that I have found that helped me is just time in the saddle. Actually time in the saddle on a horse that is not mine for starters. My horse, although at 19 years of age can be a bit tough when I found out I was afraid to ride her. I also don't want to hit the ground, and I was afraid of that when I rode her. What I did was ride some school horses until I was confident on them and then I rode my horse and everything was fine.

I did fall two times in this year. Once was on a horse I was leasing who took off before I got my leg over him. On that fall it took a while before I hit the ground with me grabbing at anything I could and that feel of "Oh wow I am going to fall!!" "This is gonna hurt!!" and it did for about a month or so until the lease was up.

The other time was on a lesson horse and I have no idea what happened. I was trotting and then I was on the ground holding the reins with the little horse laughing at me. That fall didn't hurt at all.

That fall also didn't hurt my confidence any. The first one did.

Nobody wants to fall and I know it hurts so much more and takes longer to heal if at all when you get up to our ages. The thing is it is a fact of riding and a risk we have to take if we want to ride. I have never fallen from my own horse but did have her sit down like a dog and fall over in the process. I would not have wanted to have to think about unstrapping velcro in order to get off her at that time. If I had been strapped in I would have been crushed as she wound up upside down with me crawling away from her. I looked back to see her feet in the air. AHHHH!

I would really consider getting an experienced well reputed trainer to help you with your horse and your seat, and also taking some lessons on school horses. It will help everything.

Also don't think about falling when you ride or your horse will pick up on it.

There is no gimmick that I have found to help you ride better other than hours in the saddle and a good trainer.

I wish the velcro idea worked. I used to joke with my friends that I needed a velcro saddle and breaches, but it was just a joke, as it would really be so dangerous to have to undo velcro should the horse fall or something else happen.

Good luck

Surprise 623 04-29-2013 01:52 PM

I know it's hard but accept that you WILL fall sooner or later ... The fear of falling makes good riding harder. Maybe work on learning the proper way to fall when it happens... Being strapped in limits your options in a crash IMO
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LadyRichards 04-29-2013 01:58 PM

This horse has already been through 90 days of training I found out about this magic seat from a older lady that still barrel races and she uses it and loves it, I have had people say they do believe if you do have to come off they do believe that a grown ups weight well be anough to detach you from the seat

kitten_Val 04-29-2013 02:15 PM

LR, I've never tried one and don't think I ever will. Idea of being strapped to the 1000 animal with the mind of it's own scares me. It's very unsafe IMHO. What if the horse falls? Or runs you into the tree? List can go on....

I'd much rather invest into the trainer to either ride or help you to work with the horse.

LadyRichards 04-29-2013 03:12 PM

Thank you all so much for your advice

bsms 04-29-2013 03:35 PM

This is MY idea of a magic seat:

It is OK to cheat & get help from tack, but you couldn't pay me to get on a horse and attach myself to him/her. If the velcro won't hold you, it cannot help you. If it does hold you, it could kill you. Either way, I figure I would be the loser.

Jennakaaate 04-29-2013 04:10 PM

I've seen kids use a magic seat while barrel racing before. Honestly, I'm so accident prone and clumsy, I would probably kill myself in one. Therefore, I have never used one.
If you're really hell bent on using one, I would suggest practicing getting velcro on/off of your legs before you ever sit in a magic seat. You can get some really cheap at a craft store.
I don't know if this is a good reference or not, but in my family, everybody has a gun. Well, when I was strong enough to hold one, my dad taught me how to load & unload a .22, how to take it apart & put it back together, and how to hold it correctly before he EVER let me put my finger on the trigger.
You need to do you research about a magic seat all you can, then ask your friend who uses one if she can teach you how to sit in it properly and use the velcro properly. Ask her to show you how she plans to get out of it in an emergency, how to put the velcro on your legs, take it off, etc, etc. They might seem like simple questions, but knowing the answers to them could save your life if you decide to use one.
After she shows you how to use/sit in the magic seat, you should take it for a test ride on a horse that is really level headed. After you've done all this... If you feel comfortable in it, and you feel like you could get out of it in about .2 seconds if an emergency came up, then go ahead and buy one.
But, just remember that you're better off safe than sorry. We'd hate to see you get hurt.
Hope this helps!

Corporal 04-29-2013 04:50 PM

You NEVER want to be attached to your horse. You should ALWAYS ride with balance. We are no more than a sack of potatoes on the horse. So, you learn to balance and grip and isolate your body parts so that you can communicate. When I taught (1985-1994) my students only transitioned from walk to trot by trotting about 6 steps, then halted back to a walk. It takes time to learn to sit the trot. By the time I owned a OTTB, who can have massive bouncy trots, I could sit his trot for an hour and not lose my balance.
Riding a walk without stirrups and riding in 2-point will train you to stay on a horse. Even the best horses can slip or trip and go down. You do NOT want to be tied on and be underneath one when he does.

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