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Flexion 11-27-2008 07:58 PM

Hunter's Journal
Well, er, this is my journal I suppose.

A little background info on my horsey life:

I began riding at a very small, low-key barn with about 8 lesson (reason being I was quite bored there... I wasn't learning much anymore but also wanted a new experience).

In October 2007 I had a bad fall at the old barn which resulted in a broken arm and a purple cast on my arm for 4 weeks (yes I got a purple one :-P). My confidence was shattered but slowly it began building back up, especially when I switched stables. However, I did go back for a lesson at the old barn from time to time, got on the horse I fell off of, and rode her well even though she was being a brat.

Most of the time I ride a bay pony named Rose. She's some sort of cross and about 14 - 14.3 hh. She's one of the sweetest ponies I've ever met and she is a joy to ride.

Also, this past summer I went to a camp which had a riding program, and although I still had confidence issues at the beginning with one of their horses (some of their horses aren't as well-trained as I'm used to... not saying the horses at my barn are push-button, they just have better training), I still had fun and when I came home I was more confident with horses and now am not afraid of any type of buck, bolt, spook, etc.

I ride on Mondays so I'll journal then xD

Flexion 12-02-2008 06:01 PM

Well, yesterday I rode Jax during my lesson. Jax is a Paint Horse and is such a big old teddy bear. He can be a little spooky/spazzy but he's usually pretty calm.

Basically I tacked him up in his stall and then brought him down. And he didn't freak out when I took off his cooler :D

He was great when we cantered. He picked it up almost right away and most of the time he was on the right lead. We cantered over some crossrails later in the lesson and he was perfect.

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