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Ellieandrose 04-30-2013 05:59 AM

2013.. I hate you
These past four months have been HORRIBLE!
Out at the farm we've had three horses pass on, all for different reasons. One wasn't even a yearling yet.
My grandma(my mums, mums mum) passed away and I had to watch my 97 year old war veteran cry on her coffin. They had been together 80 years this year.
Two of my dogs passed away, one was stolen and run over and another I woke up and found cold.
My pop (mums dad) was diagnosed with cancer tonight.
I started college this year and am already failing badly. Btw, college in Australia is year 11 and 12.
Man I hope for some good stuff soon. :-(

Saskia 04-30-2013 08:19 AM

Oh that sucks :( I'm actually just near Canberra... year 12 is better than year 11. And do what you enjoy. Lots of people do really difficult subjects they don't like, but it doesn't really help you in the long run.

It all sounds horrible :( I hope things pick up.

My year hasn't been the best either. I mean nowhere near as bad as yours but not as good as I hoped.

Still haven't found a job. Was virtually kicked out of one house and have moved around a lot. Horse is lame again. Thought moving back to Canberra would be great with all my old friends but so far they've done nothing but disappoint me. So now I am alone in the middle of nowhere with a horse I can't ride and no money.

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