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Blkjimni 11-29-2008 04:04 PM

Is my Half/arab priced too High ?
I have a multi halter champion half/arab mare for sale
the problem is I am just not getting any bits on her.
She has multi halter wins, two grands in SHIH and two top five region 8 halter ribbons,
She is broke to ride but not trained........
She was bred and foaled with ease, nice little bay filly.
No vices at all. easy keeper too.
I had her priced at $10,000
came down to $7,800 then down to 6,600 now I am at $5,500
She has been for sale for a year now.
Jet black no white, 14.3 hands... Do you think its because she isn't trained under saddle ?
I am not trying to sell her as a saddle horse, more for youth halter or beginner hunter pleasure horse. maybe WP.

She is beautiful to. What do you think is going on ?
Is it the market ? Or is it the price ?

Spastic_Dove 11-29-2008 04:30 PM

I think it's the market in a lot of regards. You can get a trained horse that can also do halter for that price around here (Don't know about your area).
I know I would much rather have a horse that could do both.

But if your horse is proven with good bloodlines I would -think- that the price you're at now should be fair. Is that her in your avatar?

Blkjimni 11-29-2008 04:45 PM

No that is my PB Pyro Thyme daughter.
I do have Kaluah on here in pictures. I don't know how to post pictues in a reply.
So I guess I may have her priced to high ?

BeauReba 11-29-2008 05:42 PM

Check out other arabians in your area. Do the ones in the same price range have the same training, experience, and blood lines? If they have more, then I'm afraid you'll have to lower your price. The market isn't great now and you have to adjust accordingly. Also check you ad - are the pictures good? People can be turned off an amazing horse because the pictures aren't great quality or don't show what the horse does best. Try to include 1-2 each of a conformation shot and what she does best. And remember, people coming to see your horse don't have the sentimental value that you have on her.

Blkjimni 11-29-2008 05:53 PM

You are right, I think I have a lot of good pictures of her though. I have her posted on flickr.....I get a lot of good feed back on her.
I just hate to drop the price to cheap. I know she is worth a lot more than I will get out of her.
So what price do you feel I should ask ? There are just not many Half/arabs like her in my area to go by.

BeauReba 11-29-2008 09:27 PM

Are there classes for half arabs in your community? If not, the arab market is probably out. You should try putting some miles on her. Most people these days are recreational riders looking for a horse they can learn on and feel safe on. Why aren't you trying to sell her as a saddle horse?

CheyAut 11-30-2008 12:19 AM

Here, purebred arabs bring a good price, higher than many other breeds. Not sure on half arabs... but I know if a horse isn't broke to ride (unless it's really young) people do not want to pay high prices... can you have her trained first, I bet you'd sell her quicker! Either do it yourself (at least W/T/C) or a professional... people like to see a horse had professional training. Even if yo uspend a grand on training, you'd make it up if you sold her for 7K vs the 5.5K you have her at... just a thought?

suenosderosas 12-01-2008 09:43 AM

Where do you have her advertised? How old is she? How is she bred?

It would be helpful if she were broke and good under saddle if you're trying to sell her as a youth horse. So if you get her really good and broke to the point she could be a walk/trot or 13 & under horse, you'd be able to raise her price back up. There isn't really a big market for youth halter horses, so definitely concentrate on getting her good under saddle.

She's also pretty small for a HA, so that probably isn't helping her. I think what you have her priced at now ($5,500) is very reasonable. I'd put her on the AHA marketplace ads and maybe or something, and make sure you have pictures! Ads without pictures may as well be useless.

TXHorseLaw 12-02-2008 03:29 PM

I'm coming from the AQHA world, so I may be off for the Arab world ...

The market is in terrible shape right now (at least for Quarter Horses). What's selling are the halter horses that have points themselves, a top-quality pedigree, and if they're old enough to have 'kids', those kids need to be in the show ring racking up points themselves. If she's too young to have foals on the ground and showing, then be sure her points are recent so that any buyer can easily imagine hauling her immediately to a show and doing well. At our recent World AQHA Show sale, halter mares that were of breeding age, with a great pedigree, were selling for less than $1,000 if their points were not recent or if their babies had no accumulated points in the show ring (showing she's a producer of show babies). Some mares were selling for in the low $2,000's if they were in foal to a world champion. That's pretty depressing news though, isn't it? Hopefully for your sake, the Arab market is stronger than ours is right now.

If she's bred for specific performance events, you may have to get her trained so that she's ready for the ring, but that'll cost you a lot of time and money, unfortunately. What doesn't seem to be selling now are 'prospects' (great bred horses that haven't been in the show ring where they were tested and successfully picked up some points).

We've got a couple of horses that are situated much as yours is and we're waiting the market out now. We'll get some points on them and sell them when the points are still fresh to avoid the depressed "prospect" market.

I don't know if I helped at all, but that's what's going on in the Quarter Horse world. Good luck with selling your mare.

All I can suggest in the meantime, is to connect with some reputable local trainers, and let them know she's for sale -- and then be willing to take a lower price than normal and give the trainer a decent sales commission. That's the easiest way for us to get horses moved if we aren't getting bites otherwise.

Good luck to you. :)

BeauReba 12-02-2008 07:16 PM

TXHorseLaw, I think all breeds and markets are like that right now!

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