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AngieLee 05-01-2013 09:32 AM

Triple Crown feed. Calcium?
Hey guys,

So i'm looking for some advice on the Triple Crown feed. I have heard alot of good things about it, and was considering switching my 9 year old gelding to it. He is currently on Phase 5, which is a high fat high fiber food (mostly aimed towards elderly horses)... and he doesn't need high fat (though he's at a good weight now). He was only on it as it was easier to mask medication in when he was sick. Now he's 100% healthy and i'm looking for a switch. My vet suggested not to put him back on sweet feed, which I didn't really want him back on anyways so that's okay.

My friend/ fellow boarder switched her 9 year old gelding to Triple Crown Complete Formula and we have both been noticing good results in him. He's even less grumpy!!! By ALOT since switching to it a month ago!

Now the thing is my vet STRONGLY suggested avoiding things with high calcium in it to try and avoid calcium build up in the bladder (he was sick for 3 months with two tears in his urethra we were struggling to clear up without surgery. Luckily we managed to! And though we don't know the for sure cause we want to try and avoid stones so it doesn't happen again!)

Now i'm not a horse feed expert by any means, and could really use some help!! On the site it says Calcium min is 0.75% and Calcium max is 1.25%.... is that average? Low? High?

Here's the sight if it helps!!:)

Any advice is appreciated!!

Horse Diet | Triple Crown Complete Horse Diet Now Upgraded To Improved Formulation

Freemare 05-05-2013 11:13 PM

Did your vet say what he thought would be the best calcium level for him. Also what work, weight, of your horse. A normal horse under light work needs at least 25g for 1100lb. Also depending on your hay, if you feed grass or alfalfa will depend also. Let me know. I have taken classes on feeding horses. I have a certificate in horse care and management.

tcnhorsefeed 05-06-2013 12:55 PM

Hello AngieLee,

We appreciate your interest in TC Complete. The Calcium range you see for this feed is based off of a pound of feed and is a very similar range you will find when comparing it to other feed brands. This range typically coincides with a feeding recommendation of at least 5lbs of feed per day which means at that minimum (5lb) a horse's vitamin and mineral needs will generally be met. When fed at the 5lb rate a horse receives 22.7g of calcium. Some of this may not be actually absorbed as is the case when a horse consumes other feed stuff, organic vs inorganic forms of vitamins and minerals result in various degrees of actual absorption to the intended tissue.

20-25g calcium per 1000lb horse is about right for a horse at maintenance. The needed amount will vary depending on a horse's body weight, the type of work they are in and if they fall into any other categories such as growth, lactation, high level work etc.

If we can help answer any other questions about Triple Crown products please call us at 800-451-9916 or email

-Jessica Drexler
Triple Crown Nutrition

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