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ponyluver420 05-01-2013 10:51 AM

Horse Ownership
idk what catagory this belongs in, but here goes. :? So you people probably see a lot of stuff related to this all over the place, but I couldn't find it in a way it would be extremely relevant to me. So I have been riding 6 years, leasing for 13mo, and I really want a horse. The half-lease I have has some pretty restrictive rules, and I don't feel as if I am improving as much as I could by only being able to jump once a week. Also, I lease a school horse, so he is also in lessons. I get to ride him 3-4 days a week, including lessons, and we are paying $305, cause I don't have to rent lesson tack since I got my own. :D The lesson barn emails out a schedule at the beginning of every week so we know when I can ride. Over the past year, I have switched lease horses once, the first one I leased for 7months was being used so much in lessons that I could barely ride at all. (one week he had 7 or 8 lessons--yikes!). About my riding, I have jumped 2'6"ish max, but usually jump around 2'3". I know my leads at the canter, etc. I have calculated how much it is to own a horse around here (california), and I know my family can afford it. :-o I recently got a job helping out with the lesson program, and every 15hrs I work I get a coupon for free lesson. I work two 2 1/2hrs shifts during the week, and week shifts count double hours.
Basically, I am wondering what I can do to persuade my parents to let me get a horse! I have about $900 saved up, and I know that it isn't a lot to take care of a horse, but the point is that by working at the ranch I can pay for my own lessons, so if we don't have to pay that $200/mo for lessons, then my parents would hopefully be willing to put that towards owning. I have put a lot of though into owning, and I'm not one of those little girls who is like "I want a pony!!" who doesn't have ANY horse experience and goes and pouts when her mom says no. I have been researching owning for the past 2years on horse ownership, and I really want this. Any tips? Oh, and constructive critiquing only! No rude comments!

Cynical25 05-01-2013 11:22 AM

Here is my take as both a mother, and a former horse-crazy kid.

I would write out a budget to share with your parents. Detail all upfront costs: horse purchase price, cost of pre-purchase exam & Coggins test, cost of transportation to get purchased horse to boarding facility.

Detail your ongoing costs: boarding, farrier visits expected yearly vet costs (vaccines, deworming, emergency care, teeth floating) costs of any tack/supplies you need now (maybe a new halter & lead rope or new brushes) and tack/supplies will need later (fly spray and shampoo are constantly being replenished.)

Then write out how you propose to pay for all of this and/or what financial help you'll need from them. Detail how many hours you expect this will take from your day/week/month/year and make sure you can show that your school & household responsibilities won't suffer.

Be willing to calmly discuss, let them think on it, and ACCEPT if they still say no. If they are only willing to allow you to keep leasing, be grateful you at least have that! You can always propose the ownership route again in the future. Your parents have reasons for saying no up to now, whether or not you understand or agree with those reasons.

Good luck!

SMCLeenie 05-01-2013 05:19 PM

It sounds like you have thought this through very well. I agree with Cynical about coming up with a budget and presenting it to your parents. I think that your ongoing leasing and the fact that you work at the barn both speak well of your maturity and commitment to getting a horse and horses in general. I'd see if you could pick up some more shifts at the barn, maybe on weekends? You seem as though you have thought this through, good luck. Also I'm from California too!

ponyluver420 05-02-2013 12:33 AM

Thx 4 the feedback, I have done similar things but can try in more absolute detail, any other thought/opinions on this?

Delfina 05-02-2013 12:51 AM

Parents being able to afford something is one thing, WANTING to pay for it is completely different.

Costs a lot more than $300 a month to own a horse and your parents may not wish to spend THEIR money on ownership.

stevenson 05-02-2013 12:56 AM

As you are a child, you may not be aware of all the financial obligations your parents have. You are assuming they can afford it. If you parents have said no, then keep up with your lessons and keep working for more free hours etc. perhaps instead of buying they could find a better lease horse .

ponyluver420 05-02-2013 02:13 AM

There is nothing wrong with my pony, I just want more freedom in my individual riding. Most of the people on horse forum are riders, so you should understand: would you be consistently improving if you only rode in your chosen discipline once a week? Really? This is part of the reason why I really want a horse of my own. It's just less restrictive. The lease rules i hav currently are pretty strict, to say the least. I can also get really attached to a horse that is spend a lot of time with. It was HARD to move on from my past lease horse. A month or two ago I tried out a private horse as a potential lease, but i was really sad(crying) over the thought of moving on from from this current lease horse. I don't want that to happen again if I can avoid it!! And no nasty comments abt how sentimental kids are, it is just the way I am about horses
And Stevenson, do you honestly expect a young teen to completely understand their family's money situation? I go off of what I know, and that's the best I can do. In addition, I hav added up/calculated board, deworming, teeth floating, vaccinations, farriery, and vet checks as well as I can, and I added up that it costs around $500-$570 per month, we are currently paying around $500 on lessons and leasing. if I pay for my lessons by working, then it is not as significant a price difference as you would think. While I know that it's quite a bit more, the benefits of being able ride whenever, however, are pretty significant. I am willing to accept no for an answer from my parents, i just want more opinions on how to leave no door left unopened on persuasion abt this. Sorry that this is kinda an unorganized rant, and I look forward to hearing responses soon. Plz excuse an typos, its late here!

Phly 05-02-2013 02:27 AM

Just a thought, if you do buy which, more power to ya. Will you have access to the arena and or trainer when or as often as you'd like? It sounds like they stay pretty busy at your barn and it'd be a bummer to not be able to ride anyways. Now on the other hand if you then have the option to trail ride and show or whatever you enjoy doing, it could be super. Again just a thought.
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verona1016 05-02-2013 02:27 AM

Horse ownership is a very hard expense for non-horsey people to support. Horses are very expensive, and there's a lot of financial risk involved. Leasing is much easier for a parent to get behind.

One thing I'd consider is leasing a non-schooling horse. If board is less than $500/mo and you're paying $300/mo to ride once a week, you're getting a very poor deal.

My barn does full or half leases on their schooling horses (depending on availability). A half lease runs half of the monthly boarding cost and gives the leasee 3 days a week during which the horse is exclusively theirs. A full lease would mean no one else was riding the horse at all.

TBforever 05-02-2013 03:17 AM

i am also leasing, altho i dont pay to have a paddock but i pay for everything the horse needs, it cost me 800+ thats not including wormers or riding lessons. thats extra a month to pay for miovers needs, his market value is less then $500 LOL

then u have unexpected vet bills that can be $500 or even more depending on the problem, or unexpected farriar, dental, chiropractor
i sacrafise alot in order to pay for miover

you may have ur own tack..but will it fit the horse if u were to buy would need a saddle fitter, possably new bridle, new halter,saddle cloth,
rugs get wrecked, so u can do it how i do it and patch it up, but theres only so much patch to the hole:D

buying the horse is the cheapest part of owning

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