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kuecktr 05-01-2013 11:34 AM

Question for Stallion Owners!!
I have a three year old colt that has been really well behaved and in training for the last year. I have high hopes for him and would like to be able to show him and trail ride him around other horses (geldings). He's not been bred and I don't plan to until I know he'll be a good prospect for it and proves himself mentally and physically in training.

My question:
Should he be more socialized with another horse? We have a gelding but I didn't know if I should keep him completely separated from other horses or house him with a gelding. He has no respect for other horses because there was never another horse to tell him NO. He's always been separated. He gets corrected all the time for talking when walking past the other horse pens and would try to mount the gelding if he could, I'm sure. Would it be a bad thing for the gelding to teach him some manners in the pasture or would I be taking a large risk to my colt. I didn't know if this is something he should learn now instead of later or worse, on a trail ride. He's been on trail rides with the gelding before but gets in trouble a lot for trying to talk to him.

Will more ride time and experience correct the talking (as he gets used to being ridden and around other horses) or is this something, in your experience, that I will always have to correct?

Thank you,

Sereno 05-01-2013 11:51 AM

Try this?
Thread: Riding with stallions. If you click on this Horse Forum link it will open a new window. Some good information and different ideas.

I keep my stallion separated but we ride with our gelding and mare all the time. They are groomed in the same area. Pastures are fenced so gelding and stallion can interact BUT not the mare. Our stallion and his buddy gelding DID end up together, gate left unlatched, and the beat up each other pretty good.

Our stalls with stallion in the back one and gelding in the front. They can play a little "kiss face" but that's it.

Good luck.

OutOfTheLoop 05-01-2013 12:01 PM

When I was a teen and first got my horse, the BO thought it would be ok if she turned her stud put with my gelding. By the time I got there after school, they both were so cut up and bloody, it took me three hours to clean my horse up.

I have heard of people putting them together also with no problems.

Me personally, I wouldn't take the chance
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BlueSpark 05-01-2013 01:02 PM

If you can have him with a budy safely, I would, its not natural to have a solitary horse, especially like this one, who is never learning the rules of how to interact with other horses.

Bugaboo 05-01-2013 02:52 PM

Stallions are tricky things. My stud colt, though not old enough to breed, stays in the pasture with my mare and gelding. My mare generally is a cold heat-er and she has no problem disciplining him since she basically took care of him since he was weaned and introduced from the herd.

My gelding is an absolute mother hen, but he definitely reprimands him and the stud cold sees how much more fiercely he reprimands my mare, which is not as tough as it sounds. I think, outside of the mare, if he were to stay a stud, he could easily be kept with other horses. The herd dynamic may change, but it would work out.

A stud that hasn't really been socialized as such is a much more difficult matter to deal with. Even socialization over a fence isn't really conductive because it's more the fence saying "no" than the other horse. And placing a stud with a really dominant gelding is just going to cause some pretty severe fighting, especially if there is a mare near by that the stud feels he always has to challenge the dominant gelding for.

You could always try the slow introduction of the stud to a buddy or two. Let them meet on lead and get to know each other and just graze together on leads and whatnot, then eventually let them out to pasture together for increasing periods of time. You cannot expect to socialize any horse without fighting though, so I wouldn't be expecting there to not be any injuries. Horses battle for dominance, it is just about finding the right matching buddy for him to get the least amount of fighting/disturbance.

Good luck.

NdAppy 05-01-2013 03:56 PM

Bugaboo I hate to break it to you but yes your stud colt is plenty old enough to breed the mare that you have in with him...

CCH 05-01-2013 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by Sereno (Post 2399874)

Our stalls with stallion in the back one and gelding in the front. They can play a little "kiss face" but that's it.

Good luck.

ok not to get too far off topic, but what are the white walls of your stalls made from? They almost look like finished sheetrock in that photo

Sereno 05-01-2013 04:09 PM


Originally Posted by CCH (Post 2401730)
ok not to get too far off topic, but what are the white walls of your stalls made from? They almost look like finished sheetrock in that photo

Just about everything down here is reinforced concrete block with a cement finish coat. We have to use hammer drills with concrete bits to drill holes and put in anchors to bolt anything down.... or just to hang a painting on the wall.

Not off topic to me. I think your observation and question are good ones. Sheetrock is not a very good stall material. :D A horse could kick right thru in no time and sanitation would be impossible. IMO. Being able to secure your stallion from other horses is important and so are the materials that you use. We had about 3 days to convert an over sized garage into two stalls.

I have other photos in the "Show me your tack room" thread.

kuecktr 05-01-2013 10:54 PM

Thank you!
Thank you everyone! Your comments are very helpful :)

Bugaboo 05-01-2013 11:12 PM

He's still pretty young, he's getting there, but he will be taken care of before hand.

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