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aharlov 05-01-2013 11:48 AM

Anyone in MA looking for boarders?
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I have been looking at a few horses for a while, and as I am honing in on making my final decision for my new family addition, I need to find a good boarding situation!

I am located on the North Shore of MA, and actually have been in contact with various barns in my area, but sadly they are either out of my ideal price range or aren't looking for new boarders.

I am looking for semi-rough board (or I can work in exchange for reduced board) around $200-$300/month. I am a trail rider/pleasure rider, so access to trails would be nice. No ring is necessary if trails are accessible.

The horses I am looking at are right on all day turn out, so pasture board with a run in would work just fine. Also - one particular horse I am considering has never eaten grain (gentled and saddle trained mustang) and keeps his weight on very well on grass and hay alone.

If anyone knows of any situation that might fit what I need, feel free to contact me! I am willing to talk about any opportunities available. I am an elementary school music teacher with summers off, and I have flexible afternoons so help at the barn would be an option in exchange for reduced board.

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