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suniac 11-30-2008 02:07 PM

I have some questions about PSSM.
I was wondering if any one knew what you should and should not feed a horse with PSSM. I know you shouldn't give them grain or sugar but can they have Beet Pulp? Does beet pulp have sugar in it? Has any one else dealt with this before? What have you had the most success with and how did you get your horse back in shape to be ridden again? I haven't had my horse tested yet. I have to talk to my vet again. Right now she in on 24/7 turn out with access to free choice grass hay and water and she is getting soaked alfalfa pellets with 1/4 cup corn oil once a day. She was being kept in a stall for 12 hours a day up until about a week and a half ago and has been off grain for about a month. So far her attitude is getting a little better and she looks like she has actually gained weight.

I want to start working her into a little lunging every day but I am very concerned because I am having so much trouble keeping her calm and I don't want to hurt her or have her hurt herself by getting excited and too worked up. I feel like I'm getting nowhere with her and don't know what to do next. Also I should add that I feel qualified to do this I'm just looking for advice from someone who has dealt with this before. I've done a the seven games with her and she does pretty well with them but when she gets upset and doesn't want to do something she pulls back on me and then tries to take off gets hyper and excited and just wants to run.
Thanx. If you have any questions or I left something out let me know.

Ryle 11-30-2008 09:44 PM

Here are some diets that can be fed to EPSM horses
Beth Valentine's Recommended EPSM Diets

Beet pulp is on the list of feeds that you can use though:
Beth Valentine's EPSM (PSSM, EPSSM) Diets

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