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Saddlebag 05-01-2013 09:13 PM

Any else get snow recently?
May 1st and it snowed this morning and tomorrow will be no hell for warm either. I have saddles to clean and hate having to turn on the heat. Rubber gloves kept my hands from getting wet and cold. Last year at this time the shop was warm, almost too warm for sweat work.

aforred 05-01-2013 09:14 PM

Not yet, but it's on its way. We've had some light rain today, but the temps are dropping. We're not going to get much, thank goodness.

smrobs 05-01-2013 09:27 PM

We're supposed to get snow tonight, a whopping 1-3 inches. Freezing temps are rare down here this late in the spring and snow this late is virtually unheard of.

Heck, it was over 90 degrees 2 days in a row over the weekend. Gotta love the bipolar weather of the Texas Panhandle LOL.

waresbear 05-01-2013 09:32 PM

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NO!!!!! We had a dusting 2 days ago, it melted right away, phew! May 1st is gorgeous, warm, sunny, FINALLY!

LoveMyDrummerBoy 05-01-2013 09:34 PM

Driving in snow this morning, but the day finished beautifully. Please have it stay that way!!

boots 05-01-2013 10:38 PM

We got a few inches overnight. Bring it on!

Delfina 05-01-2013 10:46 PM

11" here!

The cows where I board celebrated the snow weighing down the electric fence and ESCAPED!

We ended up chasing them for two miles in knee deep snow with grain and alfalfa (one stupid cow hates grain but will come for alfalfa).

smrobs 05-02-2013 09:38 PM

LOL, no snow here, but we got about an inch of ice. We were supposed to get cattle in tomorrow, but the place where the pens are at got 3 inches of snow on top of about 2 inches of rain. So, everything is slick enough that the trucks won't be able to get in there.

boots 05-02-2013 11:49 PM

Had snow on the ground yesterday from the night before and today I mowed the yard.

After last summer and all the fires and little hay and cruddy crops, blue sky makes me nervous!

PaintLover17 05-03-2013 12:35 AM

Can I trade weather with you all? It's been in the upper 90s here and we even hit 100 for a couple days. Winter ends too early. =/
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