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Houston 05-01-2013 11:35 PM

Dropped Fetlocks
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When I first started riding my mare I was concerned with her pastern length, but it didn't seem to be that big of a conformation issue. Her gaits are very comfortable.

But someone recently mentioned the length of her pasterns and "dropped fetlocks" to me which has made me very paranoid about the physical health of my mare! Going over a few photos of her has not helped my worry. I'm debating on getting a vet out to look at her legs as well.

Here are a few photos and a video. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can offer advice. :?

Dory in Roundpen - YouTube

She's chubby in these photos, but I'm working on her weight. These are a little more than a month old.

Saddlebag 05-01-2013 11:43 PM

Look fine to me. Is she a TB?

Houston 05-01-2013 11:49 PM

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She's Arabian. :)

Wallaby 05-01-2013 11:50 PM

It's impossible to tell in movement shots - all horses can look sot of "dropped" while they're moving, depending on what part of the stride they're in.

A still shot would show for sure.

I do agree with Saddlebag however, from these shots, she does not appear to be showing any unusual amount of "droppage." :)

Houston 05-01-2013 11:52 PM

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Thanks guys! I'm a paranoid person when it comes to my animal's health. :?

tinyliny 05-02-2013 12:12 AM

Are you the young rider who was taking lessons on the Fresian horse?

I think her pastern/feltock looks ok.

Houston 05-02-2013 12:15 AM

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Yes ma'am, that is me. :)

Thanks again.

Wallaby 05-02-2013 12:35 AM


Originally Posted by Houston (Post 2406218)
I'm a paranoid person when it comes to my animal's health. :?

No worries! We've all been there.
Heck, I've owned my mare for 5 years and I'm still over-worried about every little thing. Nearly every post of mine in the Health section starts with, I'm pretty sure, some variant of "OMG, SHE'S DYING." :rofl:
Plus side - we'll probably catch it if something were to be actually wrong! :)

Oldhorselady 05-02-2013 12:45 AM

One of the ladies at our barn came to me, frantic, asking if I thought her horse had mange. She was on the verge of calling out the vet because he has just dropped all of his fur out down to bare skin! I hadn't seen the horse yet, we continued to talk. I asked if he was itchy or had hives etc. She couldn't come to the conclusion that there was anything but the extreme hair loss. I told her to not panic just yet and I would look at the horse. I told her I had seen horses shed suddenly down to their skin and it was no big deal.

Went to look at her horse, he is a belgian and shedding his long very chestnut winter coat in exchange for a light carmel/golden color underneath on his chest, flanks and behind his elbows. I laughed so hard and told her that he was shedding and you couldn't even see his skin, because his skin is actually black.

Poor thing, she is so sweet and new to horse ownership really. But, we've all been there and still remain there at times. No biggie.

tinyliny 05-02-2013 01:54 AM


Originally Posted by Houston (Post 2406434)
Yes ma'am, that is me. :)

Thanks again.

I remember your threads. do you still take lessons there?
When did you get your own horse? That is pretty cool. She's cute.
how old did you say she is?

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