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Khainon 05-02-2013 05:35 AM

my hobbies..
well..besides being a full time student..takign care of phoenix..and working..i also have a few things i enjoy doing :) i am an artist..i can work with any medium..i am currently working on horse sculptures out of clay..cone 10..i have 9 finished and they will be fired in the kiln this week :) (i do do commissions btw XD) i oil paint..draw etc..i also help stray cats and dogs in need..take them for them..either find their owners or find a no kill rescue to take them after they have their shots..are micro chipped well as all that.. i have one of the largest collections of Lion King merchandise in the proud of that lol..i also play my video games when i have a huge gamer..but with school and everything else..i find it hard to get the time to sit down and do it these days.

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