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travlingypsy 12-01-2008 06:14 PM

SUPPORT NEEDED:Blamed for horse almost dieing.
Hi guys, Ive come back because I REALLY need to get this out there and see what you guys think. If I almost killed this horse or what.
For the last couple days Ive been getting really sick with the flue but when I get sick it also triggers another thing ive got so my body goes in like over drive and I can hardly move.

Well Yesterday I had to work I did as many stalls as I could but left one.
I know that the BO and Tim the part time stall cleaner skips stalls all the time. I know this because when we come back on wed. We have to do double. ANYWAYS so I thought it would be fine.
I went in the stall to brush Bunny's mane because she saw me near her stall and new It was her turn to come out and play. And I REALLY like this horse. She seemed in good health and in good spirit.

After 6pm we got a call from the BO saying that Bunny was collicing. And the BO wanted to talk with me. She asked why I didnt do Bunny's stall. And that it was really bad and her buckets were bad also. And had not been cleaned out. I told her I was sick. But she said that the vet was on her way. When I got off the phone my mom and I talked and we decided to go out there. Mainly because of the horse...When we got there they had stripped the stall and the buckets were sitting out. There wasnt a lot of hay in them but the water was kinda mirky (is creek water). I said I had scrubbed them out yesterday. And the BO said it doesnt matter because of the hay in the buckets. So she basiclly told me because of this Bunny is sick.

Now to Bunny. This was the worst Collic they have ever seen. She came so so close to deing. They were going to put her down. She didnt have any life left in her eyes. She kept on laying down trying to roll. So we all had whips and flags to get her back up. She shrunk to the size of a pony. And this is a good size arab. After we let her lay down I started to pet her head and her eye to give her comfort and let her know I was there. After that is when she started to make her come around!

Here is my problem with the BO, her boyfriend and his kids, thies are the remarks they kept saying

One of the kids: Well If Bunny dies we dont have to sell zap.
BO: When I said less horses to feed this is not what I ment. HAHA
BO: Well there goes us leaving early.

After I started to pet bunny on the head and eyes, the BO would copy me. Its like with thies people they have no emotional connection with any of the horses. They are just motorcycles that eat and poop. And here I am there to help bunny and to make sure she will make it. I got home after 12:am I could have stayed home with the flue! But I didnt cause i LOVE that horse.

The owner of Bunny, the BO's boyfirend. Told me that it was not my fault no matter how bad the stall was. I started to tear up. Once the vet put the cathader in Bunny's neck to put her to sleep. Bunny Kept looking at me she would not look away at this point she was laying down again. But I kept saying in my head "Your going to die if you dont get up, they are going to kill you." "I love you, you have to get up" "Do you want to die?"

FAAAAAAAAAARRRRRTTTT! She let a big one rip ^_^ and she kept farting after that. So the vet held off. Through the whole time Bunny's hear rate was low like around 70 and then kept dropping after the meds, but she also got chilled really bad.

When Bunny first came to the barn she was so freakin mean. And was really hard to catch, would even threaten to kick. So one day I just waited for her in the run, and I made that eye contact and just "talked" with her and after that day we have had a great relastionship. She will always come up to me. Even if I take the halter off in the stall she will try to follow me out.
When she finally was on the IV with fluids and standing, the BO and Bf said that she was going back to her old self because she had a nasty look on her face. I was thinking to my self, her old self? This is a sweet and nicest horse! Bunny is still doing fine and getting better. I'll be going out there soon. But I just cant get over the fact that I was blamed for it.

What do you guys think did I make her sick?

appylover31803 12-01-2008 11:03 PM

I have never in my life heard that a dirty stall or dirty buckets (At the old barn, my horses buckets were gross and neither of them coliced).

I think your BO was just looking for someone to blame instead of who is really at fault, if someone's to blame at all.

BeauReba 12-01-2008 11:35 PM

I also think she was just trying to place the blame. If the water was much worse than normal, maybe the horse wouldn't drink and that would make her dehydrated and eventually colic. However, you said they drink creek water so I don't think that would be much of a problem. A horse doesn't not drink be cause there is hay in the bucket. I've seen horses go weeks without their water buckets being cleaned (EW!)

my2geldings 12-01-2008 11:59 PM

It's not your skipped stall, they just needed someone to blame and thats the only ridiculous excuse they could use. Glad to hear the horse is doing better. Don't let the BO get to you, you are much better than they are *hugs*

travlingypsy 12-02-2008 12:49 AM

That was the first time I saw a horse colic. And with the water, the turnout padocks are so dang mudy that I see horses drinking from the puddles all the time. In the feed room the seal from the stall/room to the arena leaks so a lot of the hay gets wet. And it still gets used.

I just dont get why I had to be the blame. I just cant wait till I sell Gypsy and get out. I already have a barn lined up. Get this! When she was showing us the buckets she took the hay out of the bucket and threw it into the next stall! I mean HELLO, you just told us that wet hay will get them sick! Why are you giving it to another horse.

QtrHorse 12-02-2008 03:46 AM

I have never heard of a horse colicking because of a one day miss.
What ever happened to "the buck stops here". It is the BO's responsibility to check the work of employees on a daily basis. They should check every horse and every box before wrapping it up for the day. They are the person who is ultimately responsible for every aspect of the day-to-day operations.

However, you should have told the BO that you skipped a box due to the fact that you had the flu and could not finish your work for the day. That way the BO could have made other arrangements to have that box tended to and you would not be feeling bad over this unfortunate situation.

Good luck to you and I am glad the horse made a recovery.

upnover 12-02-2008 11:37 AM

I've known some horses to have a little colic if they stop drinking water but they're usually the picky/sensitive ones that refuse to drink unless their water is pristine. If your horses are willing to drink out of muddy puddles I wouldn't think the hay and dirt from a day old bucket would cause her to colic that badly. I agree that it sounds like your BO is looking for someone to blame. At the same time, no matter how sick you were it or how negligent others are, it was your responsibility to make sure that she was taken care of. If you weren't able to do it I would have told your BO how awful you felt and asked if you could leave a little early. The responsibility would have been on her shoulders at that point. Sounds like these people are craaaazy and run a horrible business! Glad you're getting out soon!

claireauriga 12-02-2008 01:13 PM

Don't forget that when people are in stressful situations they say things that are exaggerated, which they don't fully mean.

travlingypsy 12-02-2008 02:21 PM

See with the buckets, since they were scrubbed out the day before. And she had 1 full one and 1 half of a bucket and that is her norm. So it wasnt like she wasnt drinking.

The barn owner wasnt there at the time and it was still pritty early in the morning. So I couldnt tell her, but they did do the stall when they got back that night. And I had cleaned it the day before also. So its not like the stall was neglected for a long time.

farmpony84 12-02-2008 02:57 PM

I think the BO was being dramatic and I think she was blaming you for something she had no control over... A dirty stall will not cause a horse to colic, nor will a water bucket that has a day of hay in it. Nasty water will cause a horse to go septic but if you cleaned the water bucket the day before, then the BO is just reaching. Horses can colic for so many reasons, drops in the barometric preasure, changes in feed or turn out habits, not drinking enough water, bad hay, eating dirt... all kinds of reasons but not dirty stalls.

Also, I know the colic was really bad but when they put the tube down her nose to pump her full of mineral oil, did the liquid come back up clear? I think the BO was just an uncaring heartless opinion though...

I'm sorry you had a bad experience. It wasnt your fault. *hugs*

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