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Janelle 05-15-2007 01:41 AM

rain rot, sweet itch, fungus, open sores, and much more!
I noticed while browsing the forums a lot of quiestions about medicines to cure things like sweet itch, rain rot, open sores, skin irritations and others. I am not trying to advertise this product .. it is truely a miracle product that every horse owner should have in their barn. My mom and her friend came up with a remedy consisting of NO chemicals, all organic oils and herbs that CURES all the above, as well as florida leaches, allergy irritations, and that nasty stuff under the "feathers" of draft horses. It's called Five Star Fungus Free. I really think you all should go to the website and look at what our local vets and farriers say, AMAZING before and after pictures, and information on how to get it. I use it on Faji all the time and it never stops amazing me. It can be used on dogs too (no cats or birds though). Please don't close this topic thinking it is only an advertisement .. it really is amazing and will help almost half of the problems i have seen people posting. It has saved horses LIVES accross the United States already and it would be awesome if it could help more!

since it is kind of hard to navigate to the pictures page .. here is a link to a few before and after photos ..

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