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Brandon 12-02-2008 11:06 PM

New truck
Hey guys,

I havn't been on in along time now, but that is because i have been so busy!! Well anyways, I got a new truck about 5 days ago and I want to show you guys!!

ImageShack - Image Hosting :: dsc01021fb2.jpg

information about the truck:
-F-150 Triton V8 (no hemi :-()
-35k miles on it
-VERY minor exterior damage.
cost: the dealership marked the truck at $10,500 but after some skillful hagiling from my grandma, we worked it down to $8,600 (because of exterior damages). BUT!!! the bank gave us a better deal than what the sales person thought we would get; the truck's new price is $7,100

We got a $1.00 warranty for 3 years time. The warranty covers all technically things and the engine, and if anything should break, we get it fixed for free!

my grandma also managed to get us another copy of the trucks car key and clicker for FREE!!! and we weren't even suppose to get another copy, but we nagged the dealership so much that they finally gave in HAHA!!!

SO THERE YA GO!!! oh and yes, for those of you who hate fords.. TO BAD!! its all i could afford lol..


Joshie 12-02-2008 11:18 PM

Congrats, Brandon! Is it your first truck?

free_sprtd 12-02-2008 11:20 PM

yay brandon high five for fords!!! hahahahaha lol We have all fords too. looks good, nice pic of ya standing next to it!

Brandon 12-02-2008 11:20 PM

I will only drive trucks.. my last vehicle was a 93' nissan frontier pick-up truck

gallopando 12-03-2008 01:18 AM

next we need to see a picture of your new horse trailer when you get it :lol:

RusticWildFire 12-03-2008 11:18 AM

Nice truck!! Congrats :)

NicoleS11 12-03-2008 11:24 AM

way to go on picking a ford! good choice! only drive fords...but i guess i have to since our family owns a ford dealership....:S

CheyAut 12-03-2008 12:29 PM

Cool! I also have a F150 Triton V8 :) Mine's green, 2003.

Kiki 12-04-2008 12:07 AM

*sigh* proof boys dont grow up they're toys just they're toys get more expensive.....

my2geldings 12-04-2008 12:17 AM

Waw nice! I would love to be able to afford a truck and be able to pull my horse trailer, very nice brandon!

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