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Janelle 05-15-2007 02:00 PM

The journal of Janelle and Faji
Well I guess I'll just start my journal from today onward.

I only got to ride Faji today for a quick 20 minutes in my backyard. (we have a small 2 stall barn and two "outside" stalls on our property of an acre and a half for our 4 horses) I couldn't ride long because if anyone lives in Florida, you know how unpredictable the weather is. It looked like it was going to rain so I threw on a synthetic bridle and went bareback so if it started raining while I was on her, I wouldn't get the good leather wet. I don't know what it is about her when she doesn't have a saddle on, but she gets really lazy! I am constantly squeezing and clucking to get her to go forward into the bit. If I were to have put a saddle on her she would be in "work mode" in a heartbeat and I rarely have to remind her to move forward. It's almost as if she is in this mindset that bareback means its all play and no work. I end up being the one doing all the work to keep her moving from her hind quarters rather than "pulling" herself along with her front legs while her back legs play follow the leader hehe. I guess I should just start working her bareback more often so she realizes bareback does not always mean she doesn't have to work. Yeah, thats what I'll do! :D

Well thats all for today!

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