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Eolith 05-05-2013 02:15 PM

Metal slow feeders bad for teeth?
My parents are looking at buying a boarding barn. All of the stalls have slow feeders in them. I think slow feeders are a fantastic idea with many merits and I'd love to continue using them, but the slow feeders currently there are the style with metal grates... rather than the softer/more flexible netting style.

I am very concerned that the metal grates might be able to wear, chip, or even break a horse's teeth under the right (or wrong) conditions. I would like to replace the grates with nets, but I have to convince my parents that this is a legitimate concern. To me it seems like common sense, but they want actual "proof", ie articles and/or websites which state that damage to a horse's teeth is a real concern. I'm trying to do the research myself, but I'm having difficulty finding a "legitimate" source and I was hoping that one of you might know where to look.

Freemare 05-06-2013 12:04 AM

People like the metal feeders better beacuse the horses are more likely to respect the feeder. Then netting. I have seen horses that will spend half of the day chewing up the netting. A few times bumping there lips or teeth will have them respect the feeders. Along with they last much longer.

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