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AppaloosaCowGirl 05-15-2007 09:24 PM


Tell me what you think..
The Grain Was Good
By Cassis Pitman
The Appaloosa Filly was a little anxious as the Farmer loaded her into the Trailer. She had never been in one before, but, being naturally curious, and trusting the farmer completely, she stepped in with no problem. The farmer tied her, then walked out. She tried to turn and follow him, thinking it was time for breakfast. She found that the rope kept her still. Confused, she turned her head just as the door creaked shut. She whipped her head around, not quite sure what to do next She called to her sister, her whinny ringing out through the rain. When her sister answered, she pawed the ground confused. Why was she here? What was going on?
A window opened next to her. She peeked through. It was the farmer, he had a bucket, and she could smell grain inside, he dumped it in front of her and she stretched her head out, greedily gobbling it up. The window shut, but she paid no attention, happily eating her grain. The grain was good. Then the trailer jolted and she lost her balance. Her legs were splayed out slightly and she looked up. The world was moving, but she was standing still! She watched outside for a few moments, then let out a loud whinny. She heard an answer, it sounded far away. Suddenly, she remembered her grain and quickly ate the rest. Once she had finished her grain, she tried to study her surroundings, but the trailer was moving to fast. Again she whinnied, but this time no one answered. She began to fidget and tried to turn around. Again, she found she was unable, and could only turn her head from side to side. the low rumbling sound the trailer made began to make her fall asleep and her eyes began to close.
All of a sudden the trailer slowed down and began to turn. Her head shot up and she looked around. There was a faint smell of horse in the air and she let out a hopeful whinny, but there was no answer. The trailer stopped and she heard the farmer get out. He was talking to someone, a girl. Then the trailer door opened, she tried to turn again, but couldn’t. The farmer came up and untied her. then he led her out of the trailer. She threw her head up and surveyed her surroundings. This place was different. She side stepped into the farmer, but was not scolded. Then the farmer and the girl led her into a barn. Inside was another horse, an Appaloosa Gelding. He nickered at her and bobbed his head, she was to busy looking around The girl led her into a stall across from The gelding. She whinnied for her sister, but heard nothing. Again she whinnied, she paced back and forth, the walls of the stall were high and she could not jump over them.
Then the farmer got in his truck and the trailer began to leave. panic filled her, wait! She thought, where is he going? she whinnied and paced the stall, pawing at the ground. The gelding nickered to her and she turned to him, she did not like him, she wanted her sister.
Then the girl came up to the stall wall.
“ hello beautiful, what shall I call you?”
the filly whinnied again then turned in a circle still searching for escape. The girl walked away but came back shortly with a handful of grain. The filly saw it and walk up to snack, The gelding nickered and the girl smiled.
“I like the name Lilly. what do you think ?”
The grain was good.

meggymoo 05-16-2007 07:40 AM

Wow thats good! Did you write it?

AppaloosaCowGirl 05-16-2007 09:41 AM

Oh.. yes. I did thanks... :D

meggymoo 05-16-2007 09:49 AM

Its brilliant. :wink:

Do you have any more? :D

AppaloosaCowGirl 05-16-2007 05:17 PM

Yes Look for "Crazy Swirl: Caesars Story"

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