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appylover31803 12-04-2008 02:09 PM

Tree question
Hopefully within the next few weeks or so, my Ovation saddle will sell *fingers crossed*

So i've been looking at saddles once again.

A few of them I've been looking at say this " Laminated ply-bond spring tree"

What exactly does that mean? Does it flex a bit? or what?

Also, i've been thinking about getting a saddle (a collegiate) with the EZ change gullet system, but I dont want to be spending like 30+ minutes changing out the gullets (I ride 3 different horses)

If the Spring tree flexes a bit, would that be the better choice than the EZ change?

Spastic_Dove 12-04-2008 03:16 PM

I totally thought you meant christmas tree....
God I'm dense =P

appylover31803 12-04-2008 03:20 PM

sorry about that.

SonnyWimps 12-04-2008 04:25 PM

This is the only thing I found:
" A correctly balanced saddle with a laminated ply-bond spring tree that offers a medium depth and wider French style seat with narrow twist for close feel over fences "

mayfieldk 12-04-2008 04:40 PM

I would go with the collegiate or a wintec/bates. I have a wintec myself (bates is due in soon!). It doesn't take 30 minutes to change a gullet (more like 5-10), but here's the thing--you really won't need to change it all that much.
I leave mine on the medium-wide setting for my TB and my Paint, and just put a slightly cushy saddle pad on the TBs back. I have no back pain issues, and neither horse has a problem at all with being tacked up (and I ground tie because my barn isn't finished... no place to tie a horse! They'd let me know.) 90% of horses won't fit in anything under a medium, and the medium-wide is a good all-around fit for most horses. I really love having the flexiblity to change the tree if need-be--having a 1,000 dollar saddle that is always the same size is just too scary for me, lol! I usually change from medium to medium-wide as the show season continues and the horses build more topline--but the sweat patterns (and they) let me know when it's time to change.

appylover31803 12-04-2008 04:46 PM

Thank you so much!

I was orginally going to get a collegiate with the gullet because I know once Montana starts to lose fat and gain muscle, his shape is going to change, but I just had no idea what a spring tree was.

Now what type of saddle.. cc or the senior event.. hmmmm

mayfieldk 12-04-2008 05:10 PM

I don't know much about collegiate saddles, but if the senior event is anything like a traditional eventing saddle, then they are made for your leg to sit a little bit more forward and for you to be up and OUT of that saddle!

CC are...close contacts. (what I have. :D )

Find a saddle place near you and try them out! Always worth it.

appylover31803 12-04-2008 05:41 PM

i'm going to go to the tack store across from where I work tomorrow to try saddles on and see how I like it and all.

I currently have a CC and love it.

luvs2ride1979 12-04-2008 05:59 PM

The spring tree flexes only minorly, to absorb bounce, not to change the fit.

If your horses are relatively "normal" sized (not super wide), then you might consider a Courbette saddle with their Swiss E-Motion flex tree. It flexes from medium-narrow to medium-wide and is VERY comfy!

I have a wintec Pro-Jump for my daughter and changing the gullet wasn't that difficult. It took about 3-5 minutes once I got the hang of it.

appylover31803 12-04-2008 06:20 PM

I did previously look into the courbette saddles because I loved the concept of the e-motion tree, but most of them are out of my price range.

I'll see if I can get any deals on e-bay.

Vega and Gem fit well in my medium tree, Montana would need a slightly narrower tree, i think.

As long as it doesn't take a long time to change it, I'm fine. I've just heard that it takes a while and that you need 3 strong men to do it, so thats why I was a bit hesitant.

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