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sparks879 05-06-2013 03:39 PM

Looking for some advice
I have a six or seven year old quarter horse mare, that I got two years ago. The lady that I got her from got her as a yearling at a local auction. The auction is no longer around, however I do know who owned it. The gentleman is elderly now and I dont don think his health is very good. Anyways when my mare was purchased at the auction, they tried to give her the mares papers. The lady who just trail rides said oh no I dont want them. You cant ride papers. Well now that I have the mare I do want those papers. Im guessing that she is either a quarter horse or breeding stock paint. She has pretty distinctive markings (not really common ones) Is there anything that i can do to go about hunting those papers down? I figure she was foaled somewhat locally. And i know about how old she is based on the purchase and how old she was when purchased originally. Anyone ever had any success at something like this?
Thanks in advance

waresbear 05-06-2013 06:32 PM

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Only way you can get her registration papers is to track down the person who might have them, otherwise without the horse's registered name, even the association she is registered with can't help you.

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