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TBforever 05-07-2013 09:43 AM

new chapter
well it is a new chapter in my life, as I am not living with the people who had horses now,

so now that I am horseless, which doesn't worry me as I can afford lessons again, I am joining a riding lesson school, which cost $55 for 45 minutes, which is expencive and hopefully worth it, I have my first lesson on Thursday 11.30am YAY!

TBforever 05-11-2013 07:53 AM

i am soooo excited, found aggistment and hopefully in a week i will own miover!!!!!!!!

ill have my babyyyy back woohooo!

Sharpie 05-11-2013 02:18 PM

Wow, congratulations!

TBforever 05-11-2013 02:22 PM

thankyou, im soooooo excited! next loads of questions id have is how long will it take for hi to settle in, i wont be riding him as he will be very fresh, since he probably hasnt been touched in almost 2 weeks, and wait to he settles down and just do ground work, with someone helping me this time

Sharpie 05-11-2013 02:40 PM

Remind me- how long have your been riding Miover? I rode my guy the day after he arrived at the barn I have him at. For my guy, since I had been riding him at his old place, it actually helped settle him in as it was part of his 'normal' routine for me to groom, tack him up and ride. Even though he was at a strange new place, me sticking to the routine we already had was relaxing and helpful for him. My guy is also a follower type horse, so having someone he trusted (me) tell him what to do allowed him to relax and just follow the leader for a while rather than having to be hypervigilant and worry about all the new, scary things.

If you'll have help, definitely chat with them about the best way to settle Miover in- what works for one horse doesn't always work for another. Some horses do need time to quietly settle, others are best put to work right away- just depends on the individual horse and humans involved. :)

So, uh, when might we get some pictures? ;)

TBforever 05-11-2013 03:00 PM

in a weeks time :D for the pics LOL.

miover usually is fresh after 1 or 2 days w/o riding, so i can just imagine it now LOL

TBforever 05-11-2013 03:24 PM

ive been riding him for maybe 4 to 6 months???

TBforever 05-12-2013 11:25 AM

found a really nice, training facility for miover

Skyline Park Somersby ~ Professional Horse Equestrian

TBforever 05-31-2013 04:55 AM

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miover is in his new i am concerned he is dropping weight..thankfully he will out of quarintine sometime next week, farriar is comming next week.

he will be sharing a paddock with 1 other horse which may help him to stop cribbing!!!

i want him on 24/7 hay my only concern is i dont want the other horse eating his supply since its at my cost,

i dont know if im just worrying for nothing. i dont even know if i should get him a cribbing collor as he is eating the wood aswel

miover - YouTube
this is the quarintine area thats now destroyed by rain and now has no grass ugh

i cant ride him or work with him until he is out of quarintine..asoon as we can it will be back to lunging, and swimming if its nice day

TBforever 06-14-2013 10:36 PM

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had an awesome first lesson with new coach, we did alot of walking, halting, backing up, he listened, was calm,

he spooked when coach was fixing something and leadrope went on his nose, he broke the bale twne..prior to that he knocked over a huge metal gate fence, and it dropped with loud bang, he didnt even flinch lol
lucky as i was picking his hoofs.
tuesday, is my next lesson, i will be riding in the round pen yay very excitid!

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