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BrittAnne 12-06-2008 01:44 PM

My barn wants to start holding some hunter shows. We just don't have the flower boxes, gates, coops and such. I was wondering if anyone out there had any they didn't want?:D

equineangel91 12-10-2008 10:15 PM

i wish!!!!

upnover 12-11-2008 12:51 AM

might be easier to make some of your own. even if someone had some to give away shipping would be a LOT

kerplop 12-11-2008 09:55 AM

Haha you'd definitely be better off just buying a full course or making your own stuff. Most barns use their jumps until they're either broken, decaying, or both, so the chances of finding someone willing to give you their usable stuff is probably around 1 to a jillion. (I'm sure everyone knows of or has been to a barn where the owner just can't let go of their dilapidated course) Especially if your barn if going to have shows that charge more than 10 dollars a class, you guys probably want to have some decent looking jumps. If 3000 bucks is completely out of the question for a course, (just google "horse jumps" and look at the top 5 hits) then Lowes/Home Depo would be your best bet. Lumber and paint are cheap, so all you need is someone with some screw driver skills to make the standards. My barn made it's own standards and decorated our PVC pipes with spray paint, (as pictured in my icon) and we've made a coop one time but had to scrap it eventually because the wood wasn't strong enough to hold up against the horses chipping it. Any art store carries the flowers too, so those are easy to find, and I think country supply/ebay has cheap jump cups.

Hope that helped!

PoptartShop 12-11-2008 02:53 PM

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You can make your own...using milk cartons, crates, etc. :D But yeah, buying jumps can be expensive, & like kerplop stated, most barns don't wanna part with 'em!

prbygenny 12-13-2008 03:01 AM

You can buy lattice for really cheap and it makes your homemade jumps look proffesional. Make your own using fake flowers from Walmart. Stick them into stirofoam and use rocks from the pastures to hold the flower pots down.

horsegirl123 01-11-2009 02:30 PM

I don't think anyone will be willing to give away their jump stuff but maybe people from your barn can donate some $. Even if each person donates a dollar it will help a little.

You can also see how many people will be entering, and then you can decide on how much to charge for each person entering a class to pay off $$ for the jump stuff.

Also, maybe some ppl from your barn will be willing to work together 1 day and make some jump stuff. Be creative! Home Depot is probably your best bet for cheap materials!

Strange 01-11-2009 03:36 PM

If you get a block of wood, you can simply drill holes in the top and buy fake flowers to stick in the holes. Voila. Flower box. :) Also, it will definitely be cheaper to make your own jumps, as others have said. Wood and paint is the way to go, or you can get PVC pipe, like someone else mentioned.

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