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LValentina 05-08-2013 12:51 PM

Bioequine Supplement - Thoughts, Reviews?
I was up at the Mane Event in Red Deer, AB, and came across the supplement Bioequine. BioEquine - Horse Equine Nutrition Supplement Probiotics & Vitamins | Horse Health I was particularly interesting in the supplement because the reps claimed that it was a natural dewormer (my horse and I have struggled with an appropriate worming plan, and some persistent worms in the past) as well as can greatly reduce colic. It's designed to be fed on a daily basis as a top dressing.

Currently my horse is on Nutrena Senior Feed with Riva's Remedies (Bone up and Horsetail - natural supplements that are suppose to increase bone density and aid in regrowth of tissue, but i'm not exactly convinced) once a night, and is in a feed lot twice a day with a combined grass-alfalfa hay. Aside from that, once the grass grows a little they are also outside on grass, but at the moment they are in dry lots. I would call him a moderate performance horse, he's worked 3-4 times a week, and also in the spring, summer and fall will be hauled to gymkhana's/sortings and trail rides in the mountains, during the winter we mostly stick to arena work and some sortings.

I'm interested in it because it claims to do everything the Riva's Remedies I currently feed are suppose to do, as well as the added bonus of the reduction of colic, and natural deworming. However, I am a bit skeptical because I can't find many solid reviews online, only on their website, and I profess I'm still very much learning about adequate equine nutrition.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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