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RiverbendPark 12-07-2008 08:27 PM

I have just found out my thoroughbred gelding has sarcoids in a cut on his back leg.
Dylan cut his back leg open and had infection in it, and a lot of proud flesh so he had that cut out and we discovered that he had a bit of tendon damage. They then sent off the flesh for testing and it came back positive for sarcoids. Due to the position of the sarcoid it's possible that dylan will have to be put down. As I am seventeen and Dylan is only 9 this is very heartbreaking for me and I am looking for anything that might save him.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with sarcoids, and also if anybody knows about the gold bead technology and how it works?

Thanks, Chloe

~*~anebel~*~ 12-07-2008 09:52 PM

I'm really sorry to hear about your horse. It's tough to deal with bad injurys, but with a good surgeon and dedicated aftercare a lot of times horses can pull through!

I have ever heard of sarcoid tumors actually being inside a cut.. They usually just show up on the horse's skin and can be easily lasered or frozen off. Sarcoids are generally uncomplicated to treat and only require a short, non invasive surgery to remove in which the horse stays standing.
I have never heard of a "gold bead technology".. Google pops this up Wound healing - Patent 5661132.

I don't mean to lecture you because I know it's tough to be going through this, and I'm sure you've already figured this out. But when a horse first becomes injured the injuries need to be carefully examined to determine whether or not it is a surface wound or if other structures have been damaged. Then we must take care to prevent infection and proud flesh growth from the begining, instead of letting the wound fester and ending up in the situation you are now in.
If you really want to keep your horse alive, then find the best surgeon in your area and get a second opinion. For healing hte tendon A-cell or stem-cell therapy speads healing immensely. Your horse will probably need antibiotics and pressure wrapping until the wound heals (even after surgery). And he will probably have an ugly scar.

Before deciding whether or not you are going to save the horse or not, you need to decide that you are in it for the long haul and are willing to do anything and pay for anything to save his life. It is cruel to put a horse through more pain and surgeries only to decide you don't want to pay for it and put him down. Decide today whether you have the $10,000 to save the horse or not, and then act.

I wish you a lot of good luck! It is really difficult going through a life or death situation with a horse! I have been there more than a few times, and with dedication your horse will pull through.

RiverbendPark 12-09-2008 09:48 PM


CiscoKidd 12-11-2008 02:46 PM

Hi Chloe,

I'm sorry to hear about your horse having sarcoids. My Horse, Cisco, apparently had sarcoids when we bought him above his eye. (it was a small hairless patch, with a scaly look to it). I honestly never thought anything of it until he cut open that area, and had to get stitches. About a year- year and half later it started growing, and became 2 lumpy things. When it was still small, my vet told me to keep an eye on it. By the time spring shots came around my vet then said it would have to be removed. He went to the hospital, and got them lasered off, he got multiple layers of stitches, and a day later he came home. Every two weeks for three times he got chemo injected to the area to kill the remaining "sarcoid cells" Now, it is all healed up, and there is barely a scar. Though i am hoping it will not grow back in the next few years, and there a possibility it will.

Is your horses sarcoid interfering with him walking/ soundness? If not, why would he have to be put down?

If you have anymore questions/ want to talk, feel free to.

Here's a picture of Cisco's sarcoid right before it got removed:

2 days post surgery

A few months ago

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