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Liv 12-08-2008 02:38 AM

Tennessee Walkers, Breeding Advice!
I bought a mare about a year ago who I didn't know was pregnant. She is out of Ebony's Bold Courier and a direct Masterpiece mare. She threw a great little filly, sired by a Pusher son, who is going to be more suited to being a cart pony or trail horse. Angel, my mare, is the most dainty refined little thing you have ever laid eyes on, standing maybe at 14hh with a super refined head and neck. She's also extremely short coupled, with a slightly pacey gait. Very smart, if a little too smart, and needs something friendly and willing to balance her out.

She's in foal to Ebony's Excalibur for early June, and I'm looking for another stud for her last foal (she's getting a bit old, turned 20 in May, and I'd love to be able to ride her again), because I doubt Excalibur (28 and barely hanging in there) is going to live until June.

I generally breed for the older lines with her, but I'm open to some newer guys. Does anyone know of a good line cross or stud that you think would work? I'm one of those people that plans WAY ahead for stallions, probably because I'm used to the stallions being 25+ and on their last leg, so I always have a backup in case someone doesn't make it to breeding season. I'm hoping to get at least one good english pleasure or park pleasure show horse out of her before she retires.

These are her papers, and if you hover above the little picture icon next to her name in the page, you can see a pic of her and her last filly (filly's papers here, if you do need them).

Also, any recommendations on this mare? Looking for something around shorter than 17h, she's 17.2hh and I do not want a foal that tall! She is a cherry bay with sweet eyes. She is being trained for hunter right now, and I'm looking for a sire to help her throw that. She has tons of time, I'm just checking out what's out there.

Thanks guys!

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