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ManeEvent 12-08-2008 10:51 AM

Need Website Advice
Hello, I have a website for my pet grooming business that desperately needs updating. Here's my problem: I spoke with a web designer who is very affordable, and is a phenomenal artist, however I do not want any of her art in my site, or very little if any. I currently barter to have my site done and the girl who does that is willing to do whatever I want for free. Do I go with the pro who has a different vision than I do, but says she won't stop designing til I'm happy with the outcome? She most likely has all the effects I'm looking for (and would have to search all over the internet for) at her fingertips, and I wouldn't have to put very much time in at all, she'd do all the work and I'd just approve/disapprove her final copies. Whereas if I do it with my friend, I have a little more freedom of what I can get, but its more work on my part. Plus updates would be easier with my friend who lives just down the road, vs. the pro who lives several states away and we communicate over phone and email. Also, my friend and I may be limited, I know what I want, but may not even think of some things the pro may come up with for design ideas, plus she knows advertising etc. What to do? TIA. I'd normally ask my pet groomer forum, but that's where I got the pro's name/info so I don't want to ruffle any feathers, and I'm loving this site/forum and trust you guys will give me as much guidance.

Ps. everyone's horse is gorgeous! I can't wait to add my soon as I get one!!

ManeEvent 12-08-2008 10:52 AM

Oh, here's the current is very cheap, worked for me when I had no money, and now I really want to make it upscale and classy. Don't judge me on my current site, lol! Thanks again.


Jehanzeb 12-12-2008 08:52 AM

To be honest it all seems like a woman to me. A slim smart looking woman on a street but without makeup. Another same fit, slim smart looking woman on a street with makeup.

Which one would you think will look good?

At the same time, the slim smart woman without makeup talks the same words as the woman with makeup.


Sorry went into a dream land there :D

I'd say it all depends how good is your business is doing currently and how much time you can spare on your side towards web designing.

Professionals can make dull looking sites into heavenly looking sites however if you don't market your business properly, it will get lost in the world wide web.

Saying that, if you build a fairly basic website at start and market it well, you can still increase traffic to your business.

If however the website is running for quite sometime and you need an uplift to the current site then I'd suggest to go with the professional however if you think that you can spend some extra time onto the website then go with your friend (there is no better way to learn then this :D)

Personally I'd make list on a paper with

Professional ============= Friend
Can built site (Ticked) Can built site (Ticked)
Add image to corner (Ticked) Add image to corner (unticked)
Optimize the site to search engine friendly (ticked) Optimize the site to search engine friendly (unticked)

Similar fashion I would make a list and then everything will start to become clear :D

If I made everything confusing let me know and I will re-write it. :D


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