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Angel_Leaguer 12-08-2008 02:39 PM

custom cutting frame mats....
Anyone ever cut frame mats? (for like pictures)

For Christmas I want to give my mom a nice frame with her old horse's registration papers and pictures. The problem is I dont want to spend a fortune on a custom matboard.

I thought about buying a cheaper cutting tool and windowless mats (I want to double mat it)... am I getting myself into something I shouldnt even bother with???

I need like 5 openings on a 20x24 mat, and Im going to get a little plaque done to put on the Mat with the horses name on it and her years. I can buy a frame at a local store.

Has anyone done their own framing/matting work?

Bitless 12-08-2008 08:23 PM

I have done a couple of my own mat boards.

If im guessing are wanting the one mat board with 5 windows?

Basicly ...... what i did when i used some mat boards to frame some of my art work........ altho mine were single it may vary a little for you.

Cut a back board for the picture to sit on, with the picture in the middle of the cut you should have at least a 2cm boarder around it of extra board.

Then cut another board...this will be the frame. This board should be at least say 3cm extra around if the picture is placed on it. Altho a important thing to remember is which ever strip thats going at the bottom is ALWAYS more. Always. so it should be say 4cm at the bottom, and 3cm the rest of the way around. its to do with grounding the whole image and such.

then measure your image/ text accordingly to make the window on the mat board. remembering to leave a 3cm boarder/ 4cm at the bottom.

Also if you want a white boarder between the image and the mat frame, when measureing up for the frame and image size add about 5mm to each side.

and a hint for when it comes to cutting the window, put some small cuts in all the corners before you start the sides. This will stop the cutting knife from continueing into your frame. And always put your ruler, or what ever you using as a guide when you do the cutting , on the side that will be the frame, so if you slip you will only cut the middle peice that you wont be using.

hope that made sence.....sorry if measurements sound weird from NZ dont think you guys use cm and stuff :-|

i can get a pic of one of mine framed up if you want to see what im on about......or i can try explane better if you need me to :wink: :-P .

wild_spot 12-08-2008 10:41 PM

Are you talking about the proper mounting board with the bevel type edge? That takes a lot of practise to cut... And is very tiring. If you want a simple straight edge then it's not so bad. If your doing the bevel edge I can give you a few tips, let me know.

PaintedLady 12-09-2008 01:28 AM

Bitless and Wild_spot said it all. I ran a shop for YEARS, and the cheap cutters just don't 'get' it. You'll either have to get a decent one, or why not just buy the matt you want? Then it's done. No extra expenses. No surprises. No cost for buying the original matt or cutters...
Yah, you could 'do it yourself'...but I *really* feel like you'll be better off just finding or ordering what you want....

Angel_Leaguer 12-09-2008 07:26 AM

Thanks everyone... Im thinking that I should go to a frame shop and just pay for it to be done. Yes I would like five windows, but I want it double matted so it would be like 10 windows total (two mats) It is getting close to Christmas so I might just have it done for her birthday.

I started looked at articles online and they all suggested the expensive cutters, since I dont want to do this all of the time it doesnt pay for me to buy one.

I cant find the matt I want since it is different window sizes needed. Does anyone have and idea what a 18x24 (think that is the size I want) double custom matt would cost? It would have a window that is 8X10.5 and then four windows that are 3.5 x4.

Thanks again everyone!!!

Angel_Leaguer 12-09-2008 09:47 AM

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sorry for the double post but here is a rough (well very sketch of what I want... I email it to a custom company and Im going to see what they come back with. The Mats are going to be two different colors. Thanks everyone!!

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