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LadyChevalier 05-09-2013 02:30 PM

Big Mare, Little Mare, and May Babies!!
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Hey there everyone, just joined and have enjoyed looking through everyone's baby pictures! I'm very happy to announce that I too will be able to share pictures of my mares Remie and Miss Kitty, and their babies (whenever he/she arrives)!
Let me introduce you to my wonderful ladies and mommas to be.

Remie: She is a grade QH cross (suspected arab in her background) I rescued remie as a 3 month old, she had no human contact prior. Once I spent some time with her she bonded to me like super glue, she is super affectionate and loving... almost possessive of me. I trained her myself for trail riding (since that's mostly what I enjoy doing) and she is very smart... too smart really. She can also be quite the trouble maker because she loves opening gates and getting out... she taught me to be very thorough with my fencing and locking gates. Now that she is about 8 years old I decided to breed her. My Farrier owned a stud that have covered a mare I had bought but she didn't settle so he let me have a free rebreeding. The stud is a 25+ year old Palomino QH named Goldie (go figure lol) He is tall so about 15.3-16.1 hh. Remie is 15hh. This is Remie's first baby and out of the last crop of foals for old Goldie. She is "due" 25th-27th of May.

Miss Kitty: This sweet little girl is a 10 year old registered miniature horse, stands about 33inches, and is my little teddy bear. Great with kids, super gentle and sweet. She was at a friends house for a pony party and was turned out into a pasture with a recently cut gelding... I know it was a dumb mistake, lesson learned. Anyway, Miss kitty has had two foals in the passed but lost them both because she had them in the colder months and I didn't have any idea she was pregnant... she always has such a round little pot belly on her its hard to tell. This pregnancy has had me on pins and needles hoping things go ok this time. Im sure she is pregnant since I haven't noticed her heat cycles at all (shes one you can usually tell), she gets very agitated when you try to touch her teats/udder and this mare usually loves her underbelly rubbed (cant get enough of it), the forefront of her udder is swelling and her teats feel a little fuller, her round belly has now elongated so she looks thin but at a side view her belly still dips.
The sire is a 30 inch silver bay, named Napoleon (for good reason lol). And Miss kitty should be due, between April 15th to May 22nd or longer so really she should be due any day.

Here are some pictures of my girls!

LadyChevalier 05-09-2013 02:32 PM

Please excuse my hack-job on Miss Kitty my blades were really dull and needed replacing but it was really warm outside and needed at least some of that winter coat clipped off lol

texasgal 05-09-2013 02:33 PM

Welcome to the forum! Welcome to the favorite section of this forum for many of us!

Frequent pictures and updates are a must.....

LadyChevalier 05-09-2013 02:42 PM

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Thank you and will do, I am happy to share!
Here is a few more pictures of Remie and then a picture of the mini sire. I unfortunately don't have a picture of Goldie.

Remie is looking really good so far, getting softer in the tail area and her udder is developing nicely, no milk yet though. For a maiden mare the signs sure are encouraging!

Silver Chrome 05-09-2013 03:24 PM

Nice! and welcome

BrieannaKelly 05-10-2013 01:10 AM

Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to some baby photos for sure. Wish you well on both your foalings! :-)

anniegirl 05-10-2013 10:42 AM

Welcome!! Both of your girls are very pretty!! cant wait to see the babes!!

haleycrew4 05-10-2013 10:44 AM

I love Remie's heart star! Can't wait to see these babies!

LadyChevalier 05-15-2013 12:27 PM

Hey everyone, thanks for all the comments! Here is an update:

Remie: Well a couple days ago when I was checking her I noticed that her udder's swelling was nearly gone... and while I was feeling her up she got ANGRY with me! Haha, this mare has never once, ever, ever, shown any aggression ever towards her human (me). And that day I wasn't sure if she wanted to bite or kick me first... lol I of course scolded her about it and she just flicked her tail at me. I left her be after that and checked her the next morning and her udder had swollen up more than before... While I felt her I was ready to move should she get upset again but... She just lifted her leg and reached around and started nuzzling me again very enthusiastically. Appearantly I was hitting the good spot and she just couldn't get enough. Silly mare and her silly hormones. :)

Miss Kitty: Speaking of hormones... The other day I had the vet out for another one of my horses... frostbite on his shealth... owie :( And I had my vet take a look at Miss kitty, she tried the ultrasound from the outside instead of rectal (since rectal is harder on minis). This was just an experiment, and it took a while before we found anything, but on one spot miss kitty bulked at fiercely 3 times before the vet could get a good read on it and she saw a flutter! A little heart beat! The vet couldn't think of anything else that it could be. So here I was now pretty confident that she was pregnant and then... Today I walked out into the foal turnout (where I keep my two preggers) and when the other horses walked into the barn area Miss Kitty goes over and nickers sweetly to my geldings, squats n pees... My heart dropped right there. Having her come into heat after all this watching and waiting, she showed all kinds of signs of being in foal, and then with that vet check (though like I said was only an experiment)... Then I looked online and found out that mares can show signs of "heat" even though they're bred... *huge sigh of relief*! Miss Kitty is officially due in a week, but could have it any day so I suppose her hormones are super out of whack. Time will tell though if she really is carrying a baby though I really hope she is, so I'm going to keep an eye on her like a hawk as usual. lol

Endiku 05-15-2013 01:02 PM

So why was it that the mini's other two foals died? Did they freeze to death or was it other complications like red bag delivery or lack of oxygen? Shame that they both died. I would watch this mini very closely until she foals and be ready with a foaling kit and the vet on stand by. Minis are notorious for having trouble birthing. My own mini mare was bred before I bought her, so I made sure to get her what prenatal care I could and to have the vet and a foaling pen ready for her. Thankfully she didn't have too much trouble, but the filly did have a lot of phlegm in her nostrils that I had to clear for her so that she didn't suffocate, but we've had mares who just couldn't foal on their own, and two red bag births. Its aweful to lose a baby when you know you could have saved it.

Your girls are very pretty and I wish you the very best for them and their babies.

I hope that you aren't upset by me saying this, but I think you might need a new farrier or he needs to come more frequently for your bay mare. Her feet are quite long and it is extra important for pregnant mares to have good feet!

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