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Peggysue 12-10-2008 09:08 AM

Beet pulp myths and reality
The Myths and Reality of Beet Pulp - Susan Evans Garlinghouse

Spastic_Dove 12-10-2008 11:59 AM

Thank you for posting this =)

Peggysue 12-10-2008 04:27 PM

There is so much confusion with beet pulp and I know before I started using it I did alot of digging ... thought this would be a good start for most people

the biggest gigrle I get is the expanding in the stomach myth ... when in reality as the horse chews it starts the BREAKDOWN process with digestive juices which prevents the blow up theroy

Spastic_Dove 12-10-2008 08:00 PM

I used to think this.
Then I read a really good article about it. Wish I could find it..

BeauReba 12-10-2008 08:21 PM

Great article! No one believes me when I say it doesn't have to be soaked... but maybe if they read this they will!

Peggysue 12-10-2008 08:29 PM

there is tons of stuff out there disapproving the myths of beet pulp this one was just the first one I found when I searched :)

minihorse927 12-11-2008 01:44 AM

kinda OT but also read the squirrel story on their too, it is hilarious. It is also great artivle about beet pulp

QtrHorse 12-11-2008 05:18 AM

Thanks for posting the article.

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