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PunksTank 05-10-2013 10:10 PM

So... I found this Chicken?
So I was out tonight and my fiance calls me to say there is a chicken in our front door way! We have no chickens and our nearest neighbors have none either, and they're pretty far off anyway. I have no idea where this poor little girl came from. She's either very nervous or used to being handled as she allowed me to pick her up and carry her into my barn.
First I put her in a little pony sized stall that had chicken wire, what the previous tenants used for their bunnies. She quickly popped up and perched on the side of that :P So I cleaned out a horse stall that the previous tenants obviously used for chickens (as it was still full of poop when we moved in). Once clean, I put her in and put a bowl of water and a little bowl of crushed corn and crimped oats (left over from my horses).
She promptly fluttered up to the top of that too. I think I'll just have to deal with her loose in my barn! Luckily the horse stalls have top doors that I shut so she can't get in with one of the horses and get hurt.

SO that being said... How do I raise a chicken?! I'll be heading to the local grain store tomorrow to hang up flyers. But I'm curious to know everything about her!
What type of chicken is she?
What type of food should she have?
What else do I need to know?
Do chickens have vets and should I call one? She seems fine but hasn't eaten or drunken anything, but I'm sure she's understandably nervous.



ApolloRider 05-10-2013 10:23 PM

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Aww. It's is super cute. You should just keep it and check Craigslist for a missing chicken. What if someone just wants to eat it!!!??? I think it is a Rhode Island Red?
Just get it some chicken scratch.

Also: it may be a young rooster. Look at its legs and see if its starting to grow spurs.

toto 05-10-2013 10:25 PM

Looks like a RIR (Rhode island red) the dh says production red..

Put her out some fresh water-- your local feed store will have chicken waters- just ask for them or find them in the chicken section. For now a bowl of water will work-- she might stand on the rim and knock it over and make a mess though. Be prepared, lol.

As for the feed- if you want eggs dont feed medicated chicken scratch feed layer feed. We even feed that to our roosters too.

Chickens dont chew their food with their teeth they look for the perfect piece of stone to keep in their croup to help mash up their feed. Oyster shell gives protein and is good for layer hens. Youll nee to keep their area clean and nice to avoid them gettin coccidiosis.. wait i think they only get that from other chickens fecal mater.

*random chicken facts*

PunksTank 05-10-2013 10:47 PM

Thank you both! I'm pretty sure she's not a rooster but we'll see in the morning I guess!
So tomorrow I'll head to the grain store, I'll wait a couple days before investing in chicken furniture, but I'll pick up some layer feed - just in case it sounds safer.

How should I provide stones for her? The house has an old dog kennel, fenced in all around and on top outside, I could put her out there to let her be outside sometimes.

For the coccidiosis, the stall I put her in was where there was lots of chicken waste. I cleaned it as best I could but pretty quickly. What should I watch out for to make sure she stays healthy?

Thanks everyone!! I hope she enjoys it here :)

Phly 05-10-2013 10:54 PM

That chickens old enough to be self sufficient. It'll eat dropped grain and bugs, like chickens do. I wouldn't worry much about it. I wandered in, may wander off. Shut it in the barn at night, let it roam during the day. Won't take long for it to figure out its safe and hang around.
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Chevaux 05-10-2013 10:57 PM

Don't you just hate drive by chicken drop offs? Seriously, I bet she ended up at your place because she was carried away by a predator from her old place, managed to get away and ended up at your place shaken but not stirred.

I do think she is a hen and she's well into egg laying age based on her comb and wattle development. The logical next step is to get her own rooster, a couple of other hens and then you can join the chicken discussion thread.

PunksTank 05-10-2013 11:03 PM

Phly you think I could just let her out? How long should I keep her in before letting her out? If she wandered away from her other place would she wander from me? I live on a pretty busy road I wouldn't want her to get hit.
She'd stay around even if I'm not feeding her and there are no other chickens?

Will she be ok without other chickens?

Chevaux - Lol no roosters please! If she works out and sticks around I may invest in another chicken or two though :P I was thinking the same thing about the predator, there are a bunch of small foxes I've seen around the past few days.

Chevaux 05-10-2013 11:08 PM

Chickens can live by themselves but like horses I think they're happier in a group. How far are your buildings away from the road? I live on a busy road but my yard is far enough back that my chickens never go out to the road - they seem quite happy wandering around in the yard.

Honeysuga 05-10-2013 11:14 PM

Chickens are ridiculously easy to keep. Feed, water, and a warm place to roost. If you want her to stay get her a friend or two and keep them in for a couple days. Feed them in the barn. Then just leave the door open one day.Feed them at roughly the same time and set up a call to let them know its chow time (my mawmaw yells"come on bebies" lol) and theyll come running. Once they are comfy and feel safe, they wont stray too far.

Phly 05-10-2013 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by PunksTank (Post 2481353)
Phly you think I could just let her out? How long should I keep her in before letting her out? If she wandered away from her other place would she wander from me? I live on a pretty busy road I wouldn't want her to get hit.
She'd stay around even if I'm not feeding her and there are no other chickens?

Will she be ok without other chickens?

If there's food, she'll stay. Typically. So happens that horses lend themselves to feeding chickens. Grain, oats, and the such. Bugs readily available. Horses tend to keep predators at a distance. It just works really. If she wants out, you'll play he'll keepin her in! Lol.
Chicken friends would be nice but not necessarily a must. My mommas got a peacock and a guinea hen that are free range. Not even a shack for em. The guinea hen she raised and is over 5 and the peacock just showed up an decided to stay. They sleep in the tree above the hog pen.
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