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sewsmarty 05-11-2013 10:27 AM

Stall flooring for pregnant minature donkey
My donkeys are in a large shaded dry lot and their pen is a metal storage building with a roof and it is sitting on dirt, a good size for my 2 donkeys....normally just the dirt in the stall is good as they like to take dirt baths, and I can sprinkle Pdz on the urine, they do have one spot they always pee on....

I have now put down straw for the flooring since she is 9 months along....what a mess...she is peeing all over it and it is really hard now for me to get the poop up...I am wondering if Cedar shavings would be ok...I have heard that regular stall shavings may suffocate the baby.....I would put down black plastic first then a thick layer of shavings....any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....I really feel like she will have the baby in there....


ponypile 05-11-2013 02:18 PM

9 months? You don't have to worry about a baby showing up until at least 11 months gestation, some donkeys even hold on until 13 months (gestation period is longer in donkeys than horses). So I wouldn't worry about straw at this point, just use shavings.

When she gets closer, or when she starts to bag up, you can put a layer of shavings down with straw on top. When you clean it you can fork out all the soiled straw, but most of the urine will go through it. You can then fork the straw that's still good to the side, and clean up and replace the wet shavings. This way it's much easier to keep the box clean.
I don't think it's so much suffocation you worry about as the dust from the shavings. Straw has much less dust than shavings, and having a layer or straw on top will help separate the foal from the dust, and help keep dirt out of his umbilical stump.

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