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prbygenny 12-11-2008 07:21 PM

Calling all Barefoot and Natural Hoof people!!!
Ok so I did it!!! 1 week ago today I had my new Natural Hoof farrier come out and do my boy. He comes very highly recommended by others that own OTTB. So 1 other women at the barn and I had him do our horses feet. He had been out of shoes for about 7 weeks. The ferrier did not take much off did a slight mustang roll and took pictures and measurements. He said that there is no reason why I could not ride him after every trim.
Well.... my boy is not rideable now... I am not saying it is from the trim, but the day before the trim he rode just fine. I think it is mostly in the left front but he has some tenderness in the right also.
This is only noticable while at the trot in the arena where the sand isn't as thick as in other places.
So basically he is tippy toeing and taking really short strides or will stop trotting as soon as we get to a hard spot.
So I let him rest for 2 days and came out again and lunged him to see how he was and still no change.He actually pinned his ears at me when I tried to get him to canter!!(he never does that)
So maybe he has an abcess? I know I need some boots but need to wait to get $$ from Christmas before I can afford any. What should I do?
And no there is no heat anywhere.

equineangel91 12-11-2008 10:27 PM

well the farrier may have trimmed your boy a little too short. but id think that he'd feel better aftter two days.

Every once and a while the farrier at my barn trims someone a little short. but last time my farrier trimmed my horse a little too short, he was still rideable, just had to cut it short. And he was definitely better after two days

Your horse may be tender because of the new trim. IF his feet are much shorter, this is new and his wall may be tender still

zanytactics 12-11-2008 11:23 PM

Hi There! Being that I have just recently changed over from having all my horses in shoes I might give you some hope. My 27 yr old had shoes for 25+ years. I had his shoes pulled about 3 months ago. He's doing a lot better then I thought he would do. At first he was very tender for some time, I almost went back to the shoes but the more I researched and learned from seminars the more I was determined to make it work. I do ride him but he has to have boots on the front, if I'm going somewhere that I know is real rocky then I put them on the back as well. I have a feeling he'll be in boots for awhile longer just because of the problems I have encountered from the lack of attention from my past farriers (only 2). His bars were way over grown, he had massive thrush, no frog pressure, heels too high, toe to long, etc. He did abcess a few times but he's doing pretty well now.

Keep in mind if your horse has had shoes for years you can think of it as his foot being numb with not much feeling. Now without shoes he feels every little thing once that foot strikes the ground. Also when your horse moves at the walk/trot/canter with shoes on his hoof wall cannot flex properly. Now removing shoes that hoof wall is beginning to flex. Your horse is going to major changes and will take some time to get use to it. If you can hold out from reverting back to shoes you will be really happy.

If you like to do research check out and click on video clips, there it will show you how the horses foot functions with a shoe on and without.

Good Luck! Hang in there.

Dumas'_Grrrl 12-12-2008 08:49 AM

Zany said it all very well!!! My boys have been barefoot for almost 2 years now. After the 2nd or 3rd time Dumas came up tender in his left front...I though it was a stone bruise or perhaps an absess...Never had a blow out. He was just tender. Now...He can run-canter-act like a foot on ANY surface. It's going to take time to callous up his feet.

Its sounds backwards...but call your trimmer and ask about putting some rocks down for him. You would think the rocks would make his feet more tender but they really help to toughen them up. I was hesitant to put rocks in my perfectly rock free pen...but as soon as I did their feet became noticablly better! I laid about two 5 gallon buckets to start with in front of their water tank so they had to get all 4 feet on the rocks to drink. It made all the difference in the world.

lovemyponies 12-12-2008 09:23 AM

we have a few at our barn that no matter how careful the farrier is seem to be sensitive after and sometimes it takes more than two days to work out. I would be careful but not assume its anything major. he may just need some adjustment time

CallieMae 12-12-2008 01:02 PM

Yeah...He could just be so unused to the whole barefoot thing, and it might just take him a while to adjust. My Thoroughbred mare that I've had for two years has REALLY sensitive feet because she's had shoes nearly her whole life (ex-racer). We only put shoes on her once...Now she's doing much better without them. =)
Just give it time and take it easy on him, and he'll probably be ok after a while. =)

appylover31803 12-12-2008 02:33 PM

Think of it if you wore shoes all the time and then 1 week ago, someone decided for you that you would no longer wear shoes. You would be pretty sore and be watching where you step. Some people's feet my callous in a few days, others may take longer.

Give him time to adjust and he'll be fine :D

PoptartShop 12-12-2008 04:13 PM

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I agree; he should be better in a few days. It's a translation from wearing shoes, to going barefoot. It probably feels a bit odd to him. I'm sure he'll be good in no time! :D

prbygenny 12-12-2008 05:37 PM

Thank you all for your replies, but I am going to give you guys a few more details that I think didn't quite get through on my 1st post.
First off he did have shoes on over the summer, but that is the only time he gets shoes on. I am trying to work for no shoes at all and that is why I switched to a Barefoot trimmer now so hopefully by summer he can go without. He had not had shoes on for 7 weeks before the New Barefoot trimmer came out and he had been completely fine before the trim last week even when the ground had gotten really wet and muddy and then over night it froze and the ground was all ripped up and practically ankle breaking it had so many rutts in it. This was while he was barefoot after my 1st ferrier had taken his shoes off so he was a little tippy toeing out in the pasture at that time but in the arena he was fine.
Now we have snow, so no ground problems, and after the new Barefoot ferrier has trimmed him a week has passed and he is very sore on the hard spot in the indoor arena.
I am going to let him take it easy, I was thinking maybe an abcess, so I will of course give him time to get use to the new trim since I do know that he has never actaully had a Barefoot trimmer trim before.
I love everything I have read about barefoot trims and think it is the best way to go, I am just very nervous since this is such a new thing for both me and my horse and now he is unrideable. I want to get some boots because I think that they are much better then shoeing.
I hope this makes sence, if not ask questions and I will answer them the best I can. I am going out to the barn tonight to see how he is doing today.
Thanks all and I will stick with it and see how he goes, hopefully he will be fine soon!

Appyt 12-12-2008 07:07 PM


One thing to remember is that not all barefoot trimmers trim alike. It is possible that yours has removed some of the sole and that is why your horse is tender. My trimmer does not do that. But before she started trimming for me the farrier who was trying to trim to my specs did remove sole with the rasp while trying to get the wall where I wanted them, short. She really didn't realize she was doing harm by rasping that way, but my horses were tender for a week or more. I wasn't happy. :( They weren't happy, at least I did have boots but I didn't ride them much til they grew out some. They were very cranky on hard ground.

If you can get some pics of your horses hooves, side shots, front, from the rear, and especially the sole it may help us to help you, and your horse. I'll email my trimmer and point her to ya as well. Maybe she can give you some insight.

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