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StylishK 12-12-2008 01:07 AM

Critique my reiner
While over the last few month my reiner has been mentally maturing and getting much better.

So have a go at him. In the video with me on him, I'm really rusting because I've been away at school and hadn't ridden him in awhile.

And this video is not my trainer, but a guy we were letting show him. Anyways in the first one I would have like him to push him out a little more and go for it, but it was his first time showing him.

I believe in this one he zeros because he does an extra small circle, but what, the horse was good all the issues were rider errors. Again not me or my trainer but a guy we've been letting work with him and to be honest he's done a GREAT job with him, there's been loads of improvement in him. Btw, the one thing that horse can do is change leads, I was surprise he struggled, it might be because he realized he had zeroed or something.

sandsarita 12-12-2008 12:15 PM

I only looked at the video with you on him, but on the spins, work on keeping them flat. When you asked for more speed, he started to almost hop. I would prefer them to be a bit slow, but very smooth and correct. To me, the last one you did to the right was the best one you had.

On the circles, work on keeping him right between your reins. A couple of times I could see where you had to reach up and correct him to keep him on the correct path. Also, try to steady his headset out some in the fast circles. Good on the small ones though. Also, when you stop in the center make sure you don't let him back up too much.

Overall a really nice job with your horse.

StylishK 12-12-2008 12:37 PM


His spins, well lets just say they have come a LONG way in the last few months. Before he wouldn't pivot on the proper foot ahah. I do agree with the hoppiness. I rode him last weekend and his spins were the best ones I've felt on him.

Yes he does get a little weird going faster sometimes. It's def. something we're working on.

I don't mind him backing up in the stops for now just because he was stopping very consistantly for us before, he would loose his focus so now thats he's starting to think about it I'm happy haha.

It's nice to have someone who doesn't know how far he really has come over the summer to now to look at him and critique him. Thanks :) I def. agree with everything haha

smrobs 12-12-2008 05:54 PM

Sandsarita is right about the one with you on him. Also, I noticed that when you spin him for a longer time, his hind end starts to come "unstuck" but that is something that will probably work out in time. I would work on keeping him flat and don't ask him to too many spins in the same direction at one time. Even horses get dizzy and that may be why he is coming unstuck. The one on the bottom in the show (I couldn't get the one in the middle to work), he looks really nice. I will probably point out things that you already knew like the dropped hind lead on the figure 8, coming out of the right rollback in the left lead, and he hopped when cued to pick up the right lead. But like you said, those were probably rider error. He is a little too collected at the lope for my taste, head too low and way behind the vertical but that may be how he was trained, I don't know. That is kinda the trend the reining horses are going these days though. All in all, I think he looks great, very responsive and soft. Just looks like a sweet little horse. Congratulations.

StylishK 12-12-2008 08:26 PM

I think the over doneness in the head in the last one is due to the fact is he's been stopping with his head way up in there air and they've been trying to fix that. It's because he's soo long, he can do everything SOO well but sometimes its harder for him because he's long haha

I agree with everything you said as well though :)

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