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Spastic_Dove 12-13-2008 10:09 PM

Keep in shape without your horse...
I saw this on TV today. It's $1800 and is to exercise your core muscles, legs, etc.

It made me giggle...

Dartanion 12-13-2008 10:51 PM

OMG is that for equestrians or everyone? lol

Spastic_Dove 12-13-2008 10:52 PM

It's for everyone. It's apparently the new exercise machine for celebrities or something

From the site:
Product Features

  • Simulated racehorse exercise action
  • Deluxe model exercise equipment
  • Advanced 3-D virtual reality technology imitates horseback riding experience
  • All new 8-curve action with forward/backward tilt and horizontal motion, strengthen abdominal, side, thigh and back muscles
  • Builds muscle strength, raises metabolic rate, increases coordination and balance easily through the smooth "8-curve" action

Product Description

Product Description
Deluxe hot new exercise machine simulates horseback riding and horseracing action. Get in shape or practice to ride better. Trot, gallop and race modes. Basic "8-shaped" movement, together with the forward/backward tilt of the seat focuses on waist, hip, but easy on knees and back. Jockeys and horseback riders show the benefits of this type of exercise! This deluxe model sold in catalogs for over $1800! Hard to find item.

Loosewolf 12-14-2008 01:43 AM

Jeeesh..and all this time, I have been knee-squeezing a workout ball...who knew I could spend 1800 to trot-in-place...
How soon will it be that the machines will work out for us?

Hoofprints in the Sand 12-14-2008 09:01 AM

LOL hmmm I'd rather just ride my pony and give us BOTH some exercise and bonding time! ;-) Wow, Hollywood is crazy!! haha

Jacksonlover 12-14-2008 12:46 PM

i would rather buy a horse with that money and get the full effect. lol

~*~anebel~*~ 12-14-2008 06:03 PM

Dude those things are so bad hahahaha.
I know someone with one and she chucked me on it at full speed and I had my arms and legs out infront of me and did not find it nearly as hard as sitting trot haha.

Jubilee 12-15-2008 12:09 PM

Wow, that is crazy! A person could go out and buy a decent REAL horse for that price and get a lot more exercise and enjoyment out of it.

What is this world coming to?


PoptartShop 12-15-2008 02:48 PM

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That's a bit crazy! :shock: LOL, I agree- I'd rather do all that AND have a horse. It sounds like a waste of money.

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