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Twilight Arabians 12-14-2008 03:04 AM

New Gelding. critique?
well when i saw this guys add i wasn't at all imperesed. none of the pics were to great but he was for sale for super cheep so, who knows why, but i decided to go look at him! he was in his stall when i got there and again, he just looked normal. so i talked with his owner for a bit and asked her if she could let him out so i could see how he moved. as soon as he started to trot i just about fell over! his tort is just wow! he was listed as a grade gelding, but he's for sure got arabian in him, if he's not purbreed. he kinda looks like he might have some morgan in him, or welsh? not sure. but he hasn't been worked at all since july. so he's quite fat in the pics, and fuzzy!! for a horse that cost me $400 i think he's well worth it! ill be training him, hopefully, myself in hunter hack this spring.

i know the grounds not really level in these pics, and yes i have read the topic about uploading pics and all that.

some pics of him moving, the first's not really a good head and neck shot but it shows the rest of him well. or at least i think so.

and a short VIDEO!

onixplay024.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

slower verson of same clip-

Movie_0006.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

free_sprtd 12-14-2008 03:28 AM

He sure looks part morgan and/or arabian! Sorry no critique from me, but he's a cutie. He looks young, how old is he? what is some more info on him...height? training level? I like his spunk!

Twilight Arabians 12-14-2008 03:56 AM


Originally Posted by free_sprtd (Post 211187)
He sure looks part morgan and/or arabian! Sorry no critique from me, but he's a cutie. He looks young, how old is he? what is some more info on him...height? training level? I like his spunk!

his owner said he was 5 but from looking at his teeth i think he's about 3 or 4? he's just a little over 14 hands. he is broke but how broke i have no clue. i decided from the start that if i got him we would start at the basics, he was absued at some point so i want him to trust me first. when i went and looked at him the lady told me he was really hard to catch but so far he has come right up to me and only runs away if i tell him to. he seams to like kids but he gets a little spoked when more than one person is walking around him. i have him in with my 2 year old filly and she likes to bite so i smack her now and then for it and that really seams to freak him out, while she could care less. he also does the arab kind of stance i just haven't had to chance to get a pic of him doing it. yea he only gets out about twice a week because i work full time and no one else can catch him. so he really likes to be out and running around! :-)

Farm mom 12-14-2008 08:51 PM

If he's only 4 or 5 you will want to get him out as much as possible. Don't want too much energy under you the first time you get on him. Very cute and nice mover. Nice short compact build, and very agile. Might make a good hunter. Good luck with him.

CheyAut 12-15-2008 12:18 PM

Nice! I like him :) Can't wait to see more photos :)

Jubilee 12-15-2008 03:30 PM

Oh he is really going to be quite a looker once he sheds out. I just know he will! You're going to have fun with him, I can tell. What a find. Keep up the good work and keep us updated.


Jacksonlover 12-15-2008 03:57 PM

wow, what a gorgeous horse. looks like there is some arab in there, deffiantly some where. he looks like he is i create condition, body scoring and muscling. create find too! good luck with him!

NoFear526 12-15-2008 05:50 PM

He is cute! Once he sheds out he looks like he'll be a cute mount. Definitely has Arabian in him and it shows, but good luck with him!

He is going to need a lot of building his muscles up as well it looks like.

Cute guy!

my2geldings 12-15-2008 07:20 PM

I'm very bias to dark colored horses :lol: I think he's stunning. Who cares what he is? what difference does it make, he's stunning regardless and he matters to you SO he matters to the rest of us to. Congrats on this little beauty! I think you guys are going to do fantastic under saddle :D

Twilight Arabians 12-16-2008 02:11 AM

thanks so much everyone!! i really think it was fate that i went out that day and looked at him!! lol!! i just got an arabian fancy halter for him so ill be posting new pics on wednesday!!!!

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